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  1. bump
  2. "Thanks for the 'great' season?" This was a great season? Really?
  3. Good luck in the next round, but this was not a good series for the Wings. Should've been swept.
  4. Let's see if the NHL keeps its word on Doan's headshot. I won't hold my breath..all crackdowns go out the window in the playoffs.
  5. Funny how since it's Hudler, a player that was pretty well-liked around here, his personal life isn't our business. If this was ohhhhhhh...Patrick Kane, for example, I wonder what you'd be saying. Haha, hookers.
  6. D-men take much longer to develop than forwards. Patience. But then again, I know how people love to throw players under the bus here a la Pavel Datsyuk (and how there was a thread wanting to trade him for Rostislav Olesz.)
  7. I'm 100% sure that it was OzzY. Signed, Cronner.
  8. Good, makes room for Abdelkader.
  9. If Howard is our "goalie of the future," it's about time he comes up to the bigs. He's never going to become an NHL starter by being an AHL starter.
  10. Shanny is not Dallas Drake. Just because they're both old, it doesn't mean that Shanahan would be Drake v 2.0. Drake was an energy guy that was hungry for a cup, and played with a reckless abandon to get it. Shanahan is an elderly sniper that used to be a power forward and wouldn't help our team very much. In 34 games last year, he finished with 14 pts, and more importantly a -2. You actually believe that he'd sniff a spot on the PK? Knuble would be great, but I don't think that we'd pay him what he get in other cities, so unless he really wanted to come back to Detroit, I don't think it would ever happen.
  11. I think this series will be remembered as a classic. If you take out the agonizing feeling of being a fan of one of these two teams in this series, it's been one of the most entertaining finals in a very long time. Add the fact that the league's darling Sidney Crosby will either win his first cup, or that the Red Wings will most likely get the "dynasty" label, and it will only add to the hype.
  12. Hossa is a disappointment, plain and simple. I defended him through the Anaheim series, but this is just too much. He has a reputation of disappearing in the playoffs, and it appears that last year's finals were the exception.
  13. She's terrible. She's the female version of Scott "The Gator" Anderson from 97.1. "Can you talk about how it feels to....." Garbage.
  14. Ok, how many of the people complaining here were actually going to go to Joe Vision to begin with? Who cares? Go to Hockeytown Cafe or just watch it somewhere else; the video/sound quality will be a lot better anyway.
  15. I think he's going to get loose in Pittsburgh. GO HOSSA!