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  1. spartansbleedgreen


  2. spartansbleedgreen

    WTB lower bowl March 6th

    I'm looking for at least 2 lower bowl tickets for Thursday, March 6th. Let me know what you have and how much you want.
  3. spartansbleedgreen

    denied cancellation and refund for season tickets

    Any other season ticket holders out there that have requested to cancel their season tickets and requested a refund in order to protest the lockout? I spoke with a representative and then escalated my call to Molly who dismissed my request just the same. I think it is time to seek legal representation and pursue this that way. Anyone think we could get enough plaintiffs for a class action suit? I didn't come to this decision lightly. I'm not by any means a casual fan but I'm done. I'm walking away once and for all. This league doesn't deserve my hard earned money as long as it is under it's current leadership. This all may be a mute point in a couple of weeks which would satisfy me entirely and allow me to move on.
  4. spartansbleedgreen

    STH going to openhouse?

    I'll be going to the Nov 15th one
  5. spartansbleedgreen

    Opening night vs. Ducks

    the wife and I will be there. Can't miss a season opener
  6. spartansbleedgreen

    Red Wings Themed BlackBerry

    I'm in the middle of an attempt to theme my EVO. Very time consuming stuff for sure. Especially if you are learning photoshop and xml editing at the same time.
  7. spartansbleedgreen

    How big of a Wings fan is your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other?

    The guy where I ordered all the Jerseys from about crapped his pants when I told him how many I needed and what they were for. We also had each table named after a player. The save the dates looked like a ticket to a game (wish I could find an old one to take a picture of.) I was told a lot of our guests threw it out not knowing what it was. This was the most awesome day of my life. Thought about having the wedding at the Olympia Club inside JLA but it was too expensive. Would have been awesome though and really topped the whole thing off.
  8. spartansbleedgreen

    How big of a Wings fan is your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other?

    I'll reply with a picture story that says it all. Engagement photo Wedding: Honeymoon: I'm what I like to call passionate. She is borderline obsessive.
  9. spartansbleedgreen

    Winter Classic hype

    I think I can handle it. I attended the Cold Wars when I was at MSU and endured that. I'm more worried about my wife who thinks 65 is cold. She's a diehard though and wants to go still. I sure hope she doesn't change her mind while we are there.
  10. spartansbleedgreen

    Winter Classic hype

    I am a Red Wings Season ticket holder and got "The Phone Call" today. I am now the proud owner of two 500 level seats to the Winter Classic. WOOOT!!!!
  11. spartansbleedgreen

    4 tickets to tonights game for the price of the email fee

  12. first person that paypals $8 to gets them. sec 201 Row 4 row 5&6 and sec 203c row 16 27&28 I just want asses in the seats
  13. spartansbleedgreen

    Wings RBK Jersey from China

    does anyone know if you can guy the jerseys blank (with cup patch only ) and then buy a lettering kit from somewhere else and have them sewn on? Or order a cheli one and then take out the stitching for him and make it any player you wish?
  14. spartansbleedgreen

    Season Tickets In Hand

    I've not received any email confirmation or anything yet either. I'm sure they will be on their way soon enough.