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  1. Bettman suspends Lidstrom, Datsyuk 1-game each

    Unbelievible so true!
  2. Pics of the stick I got the other night

    Very cool! I have one of Kronner's sticks but I bought it from the joe. I was able to get him to sign it a few weeks back though so I'm happy
  3. Where are the fans?

    I go to see the Wings play, not for whatever freebies they have. Everyone I know goes to see the Wings play, not for anything else. Do you honestly think if the Wings started giving away a car or whatever at games again it would make people who can't afford to go attend? And non-hockey fans aren't going to attend, no matter what giveaway the Wings have.
  4. Red Wings visit the White House

    Very cool! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!
  5. Charity Softball Game

    I seriously doubt they are having one this year especially since they're having the Fan fest thing next Sunday. I think we would have heard about it by now.
  6. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    Brett Lebda's day with Stanley
  7. Who drew you in?

    I went to games as a kid at the Olympia with my grandfather. He moved to Arizona in about 1980 and I didn't have anyone to take me to games. My dad is a baseball fan and wouldn't go to hockey games. When I was around 17-18 I dated a guy who's family had season tickets....very easy to get in those days LOL. The year I started going to hockey games again was the same year we got an up & coming rookie kid...Stevie Y of course. The Jacques Demers years are some of my fondest hockey were cheap so I went to a lot of them. They guys that played on those teams..those were some good times (it wasn't all bad then)
  8. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    Rafalski's day with the cup
  9. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    Here is a link to some nice pix of Kopecky & Hudler's day with the cup Kopecky & Hudler Stanley Cup pix
  10. have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    they do. Not too far me.
  11. have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    My son wrote Derian Hatcher a few years back and asked him a bunch of questions. We sent it to the 600 address, not a player box or anything he sent a SASE. A couple months later my son received the letter back with all the questions answered. It was 2 pages of questions. Anyway, I always thought it was cool that Hatcher wrote him back. Since at that point he was hurt I guess he had the time LOL. My son also sent a couple cards to be signed to Mike Modano (he was also a Stars fan at one point) We got the cards back and it was post marked from Detroit which I found kind of strange (my son obviously sent the cards to a Dallas address)
  12. Drake expected to make retirement official today

    Good for him! It's best to go out on top. I appreciate all he did and am glad he decided to take a shot at winning the cup. I hope he enjoys his retirement.
  13. Emery owns his idiocy

    Yeah I wonder about his motives also. I have a hard time believing that someone who appears to be that screwed up can change overnight. Guess we'll find out by his actions in the next year or so.
  14. The Redwings 07-08 DVD

    I don't know if it's in Toledo but if there is a Walmart, K-mart or Target right across the Michigan border it should be there. Honestly, I didn't find this DVD as good as some of the others. I don't know...this one just seems like it was thrown togather at the last minute.
  15. Maltby DVD Signing?

    Was it crowded? I thought about going but got lazy. I've already met Maltby a few times before and have his autograph on something somewhere.