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  1. Unbelievible so true!
  2. Very cool! I have one of Kronner's sticks but I bought it from the joe. I was able to get him to sign it a few weeks back though so I'm happy
  3. I go to see the Wings play, not for whatever freebies they have. Everyone I know goes to see the Wings play, not for anything else. Do you honestly think if the Wings started giving away a car or whatever at games again it would make people who can't afford to go attend? And non-hockey fans aren't going to attend, no matter what giveaway the Wings have.
  4. Very cool! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!
  5. I seriously doubt they are having one this year especially since they're having the Fan fest thing next Sunday. I think we would have heard about it by now.
  6. Brett Lebda's day with Stanley
  7. I went to games as a kid at the Olympia with my grandfather. He moved to Arizona in about 1980 and I didn't have anyone to take me to games. My dad is a baseball fan and wouldn't go to hockey games. When I was around 17-18 I dated a guy who's family had season tickets....very easy to get in those days LOL. The year I started going to hockey games again was the same year we got an up & coming rookie kid...Stevie Y of course. The Jacques Demers years are some of my fondest hockey were cheap so I went to a lot of them. They guys that played on those teams..those were some good times (it wasn't all bad then)
  8. Rafalski's day with the cup
  9. Here is a link to some nice pix of Kopecky & Hudler's day with the cup Kopecky & Hudler Stanley Cup pix
  10. they do. Not too far me.
  11. My son wrote Derian Hatcher a few years back and asked him a bunch of questions. We sent it to the 600 address, not a player box or anything he sent a SASE. A couple months later my son received the letter back with all the questions answered. It was 2 pages of questions. Anyway, I always thought it was cool that Hatcher wrote him back. Since at that point he was hurt I guess he had the time LOL. My son also sent a couple cards to be signed to Mike Modano (he was also a Stars fan at one point) We got the cards back and it was post marked from Detroit which I found kind of strange (my son obviously sent the cards to a Dallas address)
  12. Good for him! It's best to go out on top. I appreciate all he did and am glad he decided to take a shot at winning the cup. I hope he enjoys his retirement.
  13. Yeah I wonder about his motives also. I have a hard time believing that someone who appears to be that screwed up can change overnight. Guess we'll find out by his actions in the next year or so.
  14. I don't know if it's in Toledo but if there is a Walmart, K-mart or Target right across the Michigan border it should be there. Honestly, I didn't find this DVD as good as some of the others. I don't know...this one just seems like it was thrown togather at the last minute.
  15. Was it crowded? I thought about going but got lazy. I've already met Maltby a few times before and have his autograph on something somewhere.