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  1. DrThunderer

  2. Avalanche/Wild on versus, anyone blacked out?

    They might consider me in the wild market, as we do occasionally get wild games on FSN when there are no notable local sports airing, but would think a six hour drive should make me "not local."
  3. I live in Milwaukee, WI and versus is showing MMA instead of the game, anynone else havng this problem? The preview guide says hockey but I have MMA.
  4. Preds sign goaltender Rinne

    He did look good, and was coming off of that off-season injury after he got jumped in his home country. Bad lauck then, but it all seems to be turning around now!
  5. Sooo, are you going to watch the Stanley Cup Finals?

    The team that beat my team must win the cup, for they were destined to do so. That being said, since this was a conference final exit, I can not take an entire series hockey break as I usually would. I will look at game 1 and 2 with some distant interest, then I will be all about the Ducks for the remainder of the series.
  6. We're not underdogs anymore (according to America)

    Just to sleaze things up...the Vegas moneyline for game one favors the wings. I can't find a moneyline for the whole series though, but I am not much of a gambler.
  7. No more McGeough!

    another article about the same topic... Gold Watch!
  8. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    Weird. Five people are connected to me, and it has been upping at at least 15 kB/s since I restarted my client. Three of my five are Canadian, eh. Rounded out by one Swede and one from the US.
  9. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    I'm seeding now as well.
  10. NHL Center Ice

    I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and here they do a free preview of MLB extra innings, which is in the same channel block as center ice, so they both are free right now in Milwaukee as long as the MLB promotion is on. Maybe your area is similar?
  11. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2007...&id=2830084
  12. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    Just checked this morning, and there is a definate lack of complete seeds for this. it looks like 34.7% is as much as is out there right now. So if anyone wo recently downloaded this can reseed, those of us currently trying to grab it would be much obliged.
  13. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    BTW, I am currently showing no "seeds" from my client, but 8 "peers," and my current 80K download is claiming it will be a 14 hour download. Mininova claims 2 complete seeds. If any of the initial seeds want to jump back in, that would be awesome, and we could get this party restarted re-right and re-quickly.
  14. Steve Yzerman Retirement Ceremony

    I just found this thread, I don't know how I missed it. I am downloading right now, and I will also keep this open a few weeks. I am roughly a 1.20 ratio user on bitmetv, and I fully intend to do at least that good with this dl. For the dude getting no love who was new to bit torrents, you may need to access your router's configuration settings and make sure the ports for your BT client are being forwarded to your computer's IP address. There is a lot of documentation on how to do this on the web, I suggest starting with the faq for your BT client, ad moving on from there. http://portforward.com/ is a good site for helping with your particular router, but you need to know WHAT port you need to be forwarding, and that is where the faq for your client comes in handy. A lot of modern clients will show if you are "connectable" and that tends to be the key for bittorent goodness.
  15. Griffins vs. Admirals series

    I was at game three, the Griffins seemed flat. they matched the Ads nearly shot for shot throughout the game, but the final score says it all. I think the first and the second ended with matching shots and goals. They really need to shoot more, lots of finese centering pass attempts, but w/o the shot they do you no good. This was my first time seeing Jimmy Howard in person. He is sufficently twitchy to lead me to believe he will be an elite goaltender.