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  1. This is the real dilemma for Wings fans

    Hey, how I can pay these articels? Maybe paypal? Or a regular bank transfer..sorry I´m from germany... greetings from good old germany
  2. my all time fav is Shanny my current players are Zetterberg and Lidström
  3. Shanahan

    100 % agree! I am still a great fan of him, but the shanny-red-wings-time are gone I´ll never forget him - his goals, his plays, his jokes . In my opinion shanny want to stay in N.Y.
  4. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I am wings fan since 1995 cause its a historical grow in my family My Dad played NHL 95 with our wings on the sega mega drive loool - so I played with the wings, too. (my age was 10 years) With the days I was very interested in this team. Later I read newspaper and so on..So I became a red wings fan
  5. "No Pronger, we still won, Wings are done"

    Hey! hockey is a team-sport!!You have to give all your power and passion in every single game- if there is pronger on the ice or not. Anyway- my opinion is, that the ducks players are pushed by the fact that pronger was out. isnt it? I believe that our wings will fight back in game 5! So: LET´EM SEE RED!
  6. Pronger Suspension: It's not about Game 4...

    100 % agree!! The judgement on pronger give us an advantage, but no win in game 4. Our wings have to stay their play like in game 3- so great guys!!! Go Wings!
  7. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    The Spongebob Pic is great!!thnx guys!!!
  8. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    anyway what Matterazzi said- Zidane had to stay still. congrats to Italy but I was a fan of france btw: it was a great tournament! I saw so many peoples from all the world on the WM partys in our city. It was a great feeling to celebrate partys with them!
  9. Hackert

    News @ He´s a great player but I think he´s not good enough for the AHL. All beginnings are difficult-no question but this is not the right time for him. He´s only 24 years old...but...the time is running if he´ll comeback in northamerica..maybe too late?we will see.. greetings from hangover (hanover) bye
  10. Hackert

    Hi! so here the stats of his career: Hackert I saw him last year in some games..I´m especially happy, that he could play for ,,my" wings.. I think he´s a great player, but he won´t play on the nhl level. We will see how he´s playing in the AHL... regards from Germany go wings go!!