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  1. Jamie Macoun
  2. Not me. This guy is a sieve. Sure, he's offensive-minded. But the Red Wings have plenty in that category. It worked out for the best.
  3. Chelios started out somewhat poorly, but he's playing like he's ten years younger right now.
  4. Being sarcastic? I can onnly assume that you are but assuming things leads to bad things so. State Champion here, let in 1 breakaway goal in the last two seasons of play. Only shoot-out I've been in I stopped all FIVE. It's not hard, I guess I was taught the right way, a way NHL goalies haven't. So you surely must have an agent then?
  5. Babcock didn't make the roster. He can only play who he's got.
  6. Truer words cannot be spoken. Neither goalie has done anything to solidify their #1 spot. True, but lets not jump off the bridge just yet.
  7. What does Babcock have to do with it? He's not the GM.
  8. Sure thing. You got an agent?
  9. Kiprusoff, after a bad start, is right up there with him.
  10. Lang looked terrible, again. So did the team, really. We need more effort from our second line center. At least some enthusiasm.
  11. If only he could! That would be great.
  12. Nice move, though.
  13. It was up to Fischer whether he wanted to say it or not during his PC. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to say "I'm going to have to retire." Maybe he couldn't muster it. But, the fact is, he is retired. Until and if he is able to play again.
  14. Draper's value is so little compared to his salary. There's no way the Senators would make such a trade.
  15. Me too, but I am certainly not holding my breath on these guys.