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  1. Polish Website: Leafs Sign Czerkawski

    He is a Mogilny replacement- a very wattered down version of Mogilny- but all the same I am fine with this signing. He isn't much of a Toronto-calibre player- here we like hard-working guys who give it all night in, night out. But so far this pre-season I've seen glimpses of his skill and I am very excited. I think he is well capable of the 50, 55 pt marks he acheived on the Island- he'll be with at least one or two of the following: Jeff O'Neill Mats Sundin Eric Lindros Darcy Tucker Alex Steen Matt Stajan I think he's a player who needs to be around other good players to succeed- I think he'll be given that opportunity up on the top two lines. And taking into consideration the considerably low price- I see nothing wrong with this.