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  1. Wings scouting Calgary Flames

    Seth, I don't know you my man, but you are notorious for comments like this. Every time you talk about a trade you're like "C'mon Kenny, his name is Dany Heatly, sign him". I know some of that stuff works on your NHL 2K6, but could you stop acting like Holland is an idiot for not trading a draft pick for the other teams top player? It's not that easy. PS Throw the power forward talk you've been doing into that. EDIT: I thought I should throw a little positive in with the negative. Heaton, Norris Nick and ARice89, I have particularly enjoyed your posts.
  2. Keith Tkachuk

    Did anyone else notice that though Fat Keith "tried really hard" he didn't register one point in the Olympics? He was playing on a line where Gomez and Gionta were giving him golden oppurtunities, and he couldn't do it. Not thanks to him.
  3. Spector: Turco may sign with Detroit this summer

    I don't think Joseph choked, but Turco has choked in the playoffs. Two consecutive years. Right? -Sam
  4. Spector: Turco may sign with Detroit this summer

    I'm not against it, but what about Turco's choke job in the playoffs? Over the last two seasons, it seems like he imploded in the playoffs. Thoughts? -Sam
  5. Kopecky

    The kid looks like a jackass. I would hope that if he did that on the wings, our own locker room would call him on it. He looks like Barnaby
  6. howard

    Hey, I would just like to apologize. It was stupid of me to think that Darren Pang might have better insight to a goalie's strengths and weaknesses than red_wing. My fault. Please continue to bash our players. I thought you didn't know what you're talking about, but now that I realize that you are a retired NHL goalie, I am embarrassed. When Barnes addresses a weakness, it is usually legit, so I have no problem with it.
  7. howard

    I have always been nice on this site, but this is one of the stupidest comments I have heard. Do you even know Legace's strengths? You should go read a bit of what actual goalie experts were saying about him in the 03-04 season when he was starting for the Wings. "One of the fastest gloves in the NHL". I would look it up and cite it for you, but making you take the time is a favor since you would have to stop posting idiotic critiques and therefore save some face. -Sam

    One more thing. Before the season started, Holland made some comment about waiting for the large class of Free Agents coming out in 06. I think that was part of his strategy in cutting the guys he did. So, I would guess that they are going to try to wait on the trade. Also, remember how trashed the Wings got before the season? As currently tops in their division, you could say that they are over-acheiving. Hard for us fans to see it that way, but it's true. So, why trade for Gomez when ownership would be happy to tussle in the playoffs, and then re-load for a run in 06-07. What do you think? -Sam

    It's hard to pass up a guy like Gomez, but we don't need him. We are wayyy too deep at center, this would just exacerbate the situation. Barnes, I like your vision for our need for more toughness, but this hurts your ethos man. Gomez is the opposite of what we need. Draper serves a role at least, Gomez wouldn't help out where we need it. -Sam
  10. Draper to Toronto For Allison?

    Allison has way too much injury baggage. Draper, Maltby and Franzen are our best chance of shutting down the oppositions top line in the playoffs.
  11. If we're gonna trade Legace then...

    If the Wings traded two of my favs for a convict, I think I would have to find another team to cheer for. I can't cheer for Bertuzzi to win the cup, and I hope others are with me.