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  1. Survival Hockey---Week 1

    San Jose defeats Los Angeles on Saturday, October 11th.
  2. Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Chicago @ NY Rangers Florida @ Carolina Montreal @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Nashville @ St Louis Columbus @ Dallas Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto Detroit @ Ottawa St Louis @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Chicago @ Washington Atlanta @ Florida New Jersey @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ Nashville Boston @ Minnesota Columbus @ Phoenix Los Angeles @ San Jose Vancouver @ Calgary Sunday: Phoenix @ Anaheim Colorado @ Edmonton San Jose @ Los Angeles This is my first time. Here goes nothing.
  3. Hossa spotted in the winged wheel.

  4. Still Bitter about Game 5 loss

    The season before last, I went to 1 preseason game, about 10 regular season games, and 3 playoff games. I couldn't go to any this year because I bought a house & now I'm broke. But I caught every game on TV. The main reason I'm upset we lost game five is because it was probably the best game of hockey I've ever seen & it won't be on the DVD.
  5. Zetterberg vs. Iginla poll

    It comes down to this. Would you trade one for the other?
  6. Re-sign or resign?

    I'm down for a 4 man commentary team. Adding Drapes & Maltby to Mickey & Ken would be excellent! Make it happen!
  7. I STILL Cant Believe Hossa Is a Red Wing

    OMG WE GOT HOSSA!!!!?!
  8. I STILL Cant Believe Hossa Is a Red Wing

  9. Filppula's SCF Goal

    Hank to Pav against Dallas. When he did the fake wraparound & passed it between his legs & the d-mans legs. Wow.
  10. 3 Way Deal Ott/Chi/LA

    http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=435424 Games against the Blackhawks might not be cake walks anymore. Not that they were last year, but they should have been. Hmm.
  11. Please Stop Calling The Wings A Lock

    Two words: Detroit Tigers...
  12. O'Hallaran - Default call is 'interference'?

    Thank you.
  13. O'Hallaran - Default call is 'interference'?

    REALLY?! Is this the NBA?! f*** YOU. You are pissing me off & I'm done with your posts.
  14. O'Hallaran - Default call is 'interference'?

    Bad call. If that's interference & a disallowed goal, it needs to go both ways... Which I don't want to see called at all. What about all the times when Osgood was down & they're spinning him around like a turtle on his back. It was a reputation call. It was bulls***. & the fact is you see much worse, much more often, throughout the playoffs/regular season. This s*** didn't start happening until Dallas whined about it.
  15. A possible answer to my question?

    Oh no! Won't these patches add a little extra weight & defeat the purpose of the NEW REEBOK JERSEY's 8% increase in speed?!