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  1. People to seem to forget the vaunted Babcock basically had the same results as Blashill for his final 3 years here. Getting in the playoffs either the last week/day, and getting stomped in the 1st round. The big difference is he had an actual veteran team, and superstars with some miles left on them still.
  3. no s***, why else did people think Stevie left?
  4. Well sir you are missing out on the usual know it all radio host, condemning whiny callers and licking the balls of anyone who agrees with them....
  5. Man people are wishing for a NHL rivalry so bad they are gravitating towards any small skirmish to go ape s*** about. It's pretty funny to read this, social media has become the death of rational discussion.
  6. Hell yeah, Big Buff is just what this team needs
  7. instantly what I thought. Forsberg is better than Johanson by himself, why the hell would they throw in another great player?
  8. You can't be serious this early in the season....
  9. injured

    I think I know Hollands big season pick up!!
  10. Signed

    Weren't we $17 million under the cap? Who gives a s*** if we gave Richards $3 mill for one year?
  11. He sucks as a hockey player. The Detroit Red Wings are a hockey team, get the f*** off the team already...
  12. Why all the hate on Jurco? I get he wasn't the best of the call ups, be he also was the youngest and had the least amount of experience. Watching him in GR (my limited times in the playoffs) it seemed like the puck just followed up. He has size and skill, he will put it together.
  13. why would he keep that a secret!?