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  1. Shanahan seeking a 2-yr deal at $5M/season

    I think I might paint the walls if Holland even thinks about throwing Shanny what he wants. Shanny is one-dimensional nowdays, so I'd maybe peg him at close to $3 million, but only on a one year deal. We'll end up overpaying since right now we don't have much that could even pretend to be scoring wingers on the roster. If we end up paying $4 million, we paid a million too much, IMO. Then I'd much rather plug in anoth.... oh wait, almost everyone is gone by now, silly me!
  2. song title game

    Staring at the Sun- the Offspring
  3. song title game

    Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
  4. song title game

    Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters