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  1. someone overflowed the toilets... nice.
  2. The best arguement that I heard on these discussion boards that are for Kronwall to play in the Olympics is that it would let him get some rustiness out of his system. No a bad idea at all. However, I fully believe with the luck that Wings players have with knee problems, I can't justify the risk involved with him playing too early. I'd rather be over cautious and have him wait until he's 100% ready to come back. However, it's not my call
  3. certainly not our best period of hockey....
  4. well... wings pp LETS GO GUYS!
  5. 3-3
  6. another pk
  7. another one for stars 3-2
  8. Nice wipe out by Lebda
  9. i'm ready for an after lunch nap...
  10. sorry just a Rob Zombie song I was singing...
  11. i feel so good... I feel so numb, yeah
  12. morning
  13. again... nothing
  14. looked again... Damnit!