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  1. UnderPressure

  2. 2006 ALCS: Tigers vs. A's

    Congrats, Tigers fans! What a shot by Magglio!
  3. 2006 ALCS: Tigers vs. A's

    I kept thinking Detroit won the Central. Damn. But I still don't like that rule. Baseball has the dumbest home field advantage rules in sports.
  4. 2006 ALCS: Tigers vs. A's

    Why do the A's have the HF advantage?
  5. Who will the Detroit Tigers play in the Divison Series?

    If Detroit keeps the best record, yes, they do play the worst team... IF the Wild Card team comes from the Central since the worst team to make the playoffs is most likely the AL West winner. The WC usually plays the best team, regardless of whether they have the worst record or not. However, the WC team cannot play the division rival in the ALDS. They would have to play the team with the second best record. If the WC comes from the Central: AL West Champs vs. Tigers AL Wildcard Champs vs. AL East Champs If the WC comes from the East: AL Wildcard Champs vs. Tigers AL West Champs vs.AL East Champs The Wild Card team will always play the best team in the ALDS, unless if they are in the same division with them.
  6. Who will the Detroit Tigers play in the Divison Series?

    I'll say Red Sox.
  7. MLB Season 2006 thread

    Wow, Trevor Hoffman is not a Padre for nothin'.
  8. The Offical Tigers Playoff Thread

    I hope the Tigers win it. I hate the White Sox. The hate has to do with Hawk Harrelson.
  9. Where?

    Los Angeles!
  10. Post Everytime You Look

    It's my birthday today!
  11. Thorne/Clement or Emrick/JD

    Same here. I don't know the status of Thorne's contract with ESPN, but I really wish it was over so NBC could've hired him.
  12. NFL Draft talk

    I am really surprised Young was ahead of Leinart.
  13. Best Coverage

    I also like NBC, except if it's Brian Hayward doing the color commentary. He talks 90% more than the play-by-play guy at a time.
  14. Best Coverage

  15. Most Exciting Active Athletes In Sports?

    NHL - Alexander Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Sidney Crosby NBA - Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade NFL - LaDainian Tomlinson, Michael Vick, Chad Johnson MLB - Jose Reyes, Andruw Jones, Brad Lidge