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  1. Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    Heh, I agree about Hossa needing to up his game. But we need to face reality, Hossa is not a #1 "carry the team" player. But how crushing would it be to be on the losing side of the SCF two years running on seperate teams? But at the same time he isn't the only one that needs to up his game. We aren't out, but we've dug ourselves a nice little hole.
  2. Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    This is exactly what I feared after watching the first two games. The Wings look tired out there, and it's leading to mistakes. The only reason we aren't out in 4 is because Ozzie stood on his head and Fleury played like crap for 2 games. They aren't winning the battles and are making lazy passes, resulting in too many golden opportunities for the Pens. In the ffensive zone, they have looked disorganized and unable to really get going for more than the occasional short strech of game. Playing 20-30 minutes a night just isn't going to cut it. I see us dropping game 5 much as these last two, game six will be a toss up as we will have had 2 days of rest going into it. On their home ice, smelling blood, and hungry after last year I don't like our chances. Being worn down by the Ducks and losing Dats is looking like just too big of a hurdle to overcome. Unless Ozzie puts in a tremendous performance for a couple of games (maybe), or our offense suddenly takes off (unlikely), or the Pens suddenly choke (more unlikely), it's looking to me like the Pens in 6. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we can take it to a winner take all game seven, but I just don't see the wings, as they have played this series, pulling this out. Still a good run (although I feel sorry for Hossa). Prove me wrong boys.
  3. Epic bump /watch out, it's hot
  4. XBox Live Gamertags

    Suppose I'll throw mine out there as well since I finally got signed up. Quixotic Bard
  5. Turco - no respect

    Ha! That is almost verbatim what popped into my head when I read the post about Jesus in net for Dallas
  6. 1/17 GDT: Red Wings 3, Canucks 2 (SO)

    Kinda felt like the wings were on the verge of sliding while watching the Avs game. Unfortunately, I don't feel like they are quite ready to turn the corner yet. Both teams tighten up and focus on defense tonight with Vancouver pulling out a 3-2 W (I blame the refs ) . Wings will come back the next game and win the first of a nice little winning streak. Now, having said that, I'm going to HOPE the wings prove me wrong and blow them out tonight.
  7. Wings to make offer for Sundin?

    The only way this happens is if the leafs ask Sundin to waive his NTC and he says he wants to go to the wings. He's a rental, and with this in mind, if there is only one horse in the running for him then we might get him cheap. Otherwise, some other GM will send the farm to Toronto so they can lose in the first or second round. In general, rental players are overpriced, especially when it's an almost foregone conclusion that one will be heading back to their home team at the end of the season. Whatever Toronto would get out of the trade would be freebies, assets they gave nothing up for, since the would get Sundin back. Of course, with GMs under a lot of pressure to put together a winning team, there will always be some poor shmuck willing to sell of his clubs future for a longshot at the big prize. Heh, you should see some of the trades proposed over at hfboards. Hudler+Howard+1st 08+++ If Kenny ever pulled the trigger on a trade like that, the next pickup he'd be making is an unemployment check.
  8. Can we beat 95-96 Regular Season?

    I'd be happy if the wings could string together 10 Ws finally. And yes, it's going to come down to whether or not we step it up against the central teams coming down the stretch. Possible, but I'd lay long odds against it right now.
  9. Wings to make offer for Sundin?

    damn, you read my mind. That's pretty much what I had thought. Until I hear that he's waived his NTC though, I'm not putting much stock in this. Wait and see how (and if) it plays out. In Kenny we trust. Oh, and for those saying the trade is a joke, this is assuming it's a rental and there is the understood agreement that he will be returning to the leafs asap. You don't give up equal value for a rental (and a team loaning players out shouldn't expect it, since in the end it costs them nothing when they get their player back). If Sundin was coming over to stay (and I have no idea how we fit him in under our cap space), then we give up a fair amount more and more players become available.
  10. Depends on who is available and what the asking price for them is. I think Holland would be perfectly comfortable letting things ride as they are, but if the right player comes up he'll put feelers out and see if we can get him for the right price. What I don't see right now is any sort of big blockbuster deal going down.
  11. Why The Wings Lost to Nashville

    The reffing was brutal in that game, but it went both ways. The wings were on their heels a lot tonight in 5 on 5 play. Maybe they were tired after having the puck all night lsat night, but whatever the reason, they didn't bring the same intensity and hustle that the Preds did. Whatever the reason, the better team on the ice got the W tonight.
  12. A new Blue Line Comics Cartoon

    FYI, both pronounciations of celtic (with an s or k sound at the beginning) are correct. You say tomato, I say tomato.... you know, that doesn't work as well written out
  13. McAmmond hurt bad/Concussed

    He should get frequent flyer miles for that hit.
  14. Zetterberg Article

    Hint: click: Yzer19 -> profile options -> ignore user