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  1. Had to switch to CGY feed on Game center.
  2. Thanks Aussie for doing a great job this. It's been a blast. Congrats to those above me, I might catch a couple of ya, but you are hard to beat! Friday: Atlanta @ Carolina Florida @ Tampa Bay Anaheim @ Dallas Saturday: NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Washington Chicago @ Detroit Phoenix @ Los Angeles Vancouver @ San Jose Ottawa @ Boston Montreal @ Toronto Florida @ Carolina Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Anaheim @ Columbus NY Rangers @ Pittsburgh St Louis @ Minnesota Nashville @ Colorado Edmonton @ Calgary Sunday: Chicago @ Dallas Buffalo @ Philadelphia NY Islanders @ New Jersey Vancouver @ Phoenix Calgary @ Colorado
  3. Friday: Tampa Bay @ Carolina Montreal @ Ottawa Philadelphia @ New Jersey Washington @ Florida Dallas @ Detroit NY Islanders @ Buffalo Columbus @ Chicago Phoenix @ San Jose Saturday: Atlanta @ Boston Minnesota @ Colorado Pittsburgh @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal Ottawa @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Washington @ Tampa Bay Anaheim @ St Louis Dallas @ Nashville Calgary @ Vancouver Sunday: Detroit @ Columbus Edmonton @ Chicago Boston @ New Jersey Carolina @ Florida Los Angeles @ San Jose Toronto @ NY Rangers
  4. Friday: Toronto @ Buffalo Los Angeles @ Chicago Colorado @ Edmonton Dallas @ Anaheim Saturday: NY Rangers @ Boston NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Atlanta @ Pittsburgh St Louis @ Detroit Buffalo @ Toronto Washington @ Montreal San Jose @ Carolina Ottawa @ Tampa Bay New Jersey @ Florida Los Angeles @ Minnesota Dallas @ Phoenix Nashville @ Edmonton Sunday: NY Rangers @ NY Islanders Boston @ Pittsburgh Calgary @ Chicago St Louis @ Columbus Colorado @ Vancouver
  5. You guys are right on about Vanek being all offense. It was that way at U of Minnesota and before that, Juniors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - the Stampede. Watched him play there and he was good, not record-breaking...
  6. Thanks all - its been a blast playing this game! I still have a ways to go before I get the top overall!
  7. Thanks, Aussie Wing! Great stats! If I didn't miss two weeks there, I'd be higher! Friday: Toronto @ Washington Montreal @ Pittsburgh NY Rangers @ Atlanta Buffalo @ Tampa Bay Chicago @ Anaheim Columbus @ San Jose Saturday: Carolina @ New Jersey Toronto @ Montreal Philadelphia @ Ottawa Boston @ NY Rangers NY Islanders @ Florida St Louis @ Edmonton Dallas @ Nashville Minnesota @ Calgary Colorado @ Phoenix Detroit @ Vancouver Columbus @ Los Angeles Sunday: Tampa Bay @ Washington Buffalo @ Atlanta Ottawa @ Pittsburgh Los Angeles @ Anaheim San Jose @ Colorado Phoenix @ Dallas
  8. Friday: Carolina @ Washington Dallas @ Columbus Los Angeles @ Detroit Minnesota @ Buffalo Edmonton @ Anaheim Vancouver @ San Jose Saturday: Boston @ Philadelphia NY Rangers @ Pittsburgh New Jersey @ Buffalo Ottawa @ Toronto Washington @ NY Islanders Atlanta @ Florida Montreal @ St Louis Columbus @ Nashville Chicago @ Phoenix Tampa Bay @ Calgary Sunday: Carolina @ NY Rangers Boston @ Detroit Colorado @ Minnesota Los Angeles @ Dallas Vancouver @ Anaheim Edmonton @ San Jose
  9. Friday: Pittsburgh @ Carolina Toronto @ New Jersey Ottawa @ Atlanta Chicago @ Detroit Montreal @ Buffalo Columbus @ Dallas San Jose @ Anaheim Saturday: St Louis @ NY Rangers Nashville @ Los Angeles Montreal @ Boston Buffalo @ Toronto NY Islanders @ Washington Tampa Bay @ Florida Columbus @ Phoenix Calgary @ Edmonton Sunday: Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh Colorado @ Detroit Carolina @ Atlanta Ottawa @ Chicago San Jose @ Dallas Boston @ New Jersey Nashville @ Anaheim Minnesota @ Vancouver
  10. Washington won that one. Will the Sabres want to sign Zubruis given his demands?
  11. Mayer? Blake? Murray from Boston? Any way you look at it, Holland has done what he's needed to do. The rest is gravy. Thanks for the work, Holland, and get a man-hands masseuse for Bert.
  12. Blake would be great. Is Mayers still available?
  13. Ree-lax. I'm not going off. I understand that even though I can make any trade on those goofy video games, that doesn't happen in real life. I guess it's taken me up until today to realize that we're not willing to pay the market rates for the talent available. The investment rate on trades might be too much for us to do anything...
  14. Are we really a (Kyle) Calder away from the Cup run? Is this it? What will it take to get something else done?
  15. Yeah, the Ducks haven't done a thing yet and Burke needs to make a splash. I'd prefer Blake or Mayers, and there's a strong chance we don't get a thing done today.