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  1. I saw this commercial during the first intermission of the Sharks game on 11/17/11. Found it on YouTube today (thanks weallbleedredd), wanted to share with the rest of you. That's an awfully smug lookin' Franzen at the end there..
  2. I like the proposed changes to the net.
  3. These referee problems will continue until the NHL finally decides to allow Coaches to challenge calls/non-calls, OR, Until they remove final decisions from the on-ice officials completely, to be overruled/determined by the video ref. Which during the Bettman regime means; NEVER.
  4. Nope. For his salary, he's been very solid.
  5. Tough choice .. I'm a WingNut first and always. When I lived in San Jose, I cheered for the Sharks as long as they weren't playing the Wings .. but I don't think I can now. I can never, EVER, cheer for the Hawks.. or the Pens for that matter. (if it came down to those 2 playing for the cup, I'd cheer for the roof collapsing on both teams) I'll probably cheer for the Bruins.. Original 6 team, no hate towards them, and I like the way they're playing.
  6. Good Season Red Wings. I honestly didn't think the team would even make the playoffs at the Olympics. Great Run for the second half! Recharge, reload, and start strong next season!
  7. I can understand the reluctance of some of you to replace Jimmy, if you don't want Ozzy to get the 'blame' for the series loss. It's a valid point I suppose, but I just don't see it happening that way. IF Ozzy starts game 4 and lets in a handful and the Wings lose .. I still wouldn't blame him for the series. The game, perhaps .. though I'll still point to Babcocks horrible goaltender mismanagement this season as the reason he's so cold. but If he starts and the Wings WIN (either by being spectacular or by the team responding the the change) then it's a new story. I believe the Wings can WIN with Ozzy. Yeah, it's a long shot. Really really very f***ing long shot at this point. But I still believe the Wings can WIN! With Osgood.
  8. I want Ozzy to start game 4, and win 4 straight.
  9. Holland says NO to Shanny returning
  10. :looney: Ugh, yep that really is an epic fail.
  11. Didn't he play for the Tokyo Katana's?
  12. Actually, this might HELP 'da hawks if Hossa goes on LTIR for the first half of the season.. More cap room ('till he returns, of course.)
  13. Holland isn't happy..
  14. The Jeremy Williams Story