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  1. Griffins close out Marlies

    I'm just glad to finally see what this team is capable of with good coaching. With all the young guys who've moved up to the big club in the last couple years, it can be argued that the Griffins have less talent then in years past, but we're definitely playing better as a team.
  2. Brunnstrom Question

    Thanks RW Addict. I tried a couple different Griffins websites and of course Google but didn't come up with anything. Guess I'll go to mlive first next time. Oh well, off to work...
  3. Brunnstrom Question

    Anyone know why Brunnstrom hasn't been playing? I know his wife just had a baby, but...
  4. Where's Francis Lemieux?

    Thanks a bunch Coyote. I didn't even know the site existed! I always checked the site for stats and the game readups, but now I have two places to go to get team and game info on the Griffins.
  5. Where's Francis Lemieux?

    Thanks for the injury update. I was trying to find the answer in one of the past threads, but didn't see anything. Anyway, glad he's back. Pare and him really had it going earlier in the season and I hope those two, along with McGrath, can get some of the magic back moving toward the playoffs. Does anyone have the line-ups from last night or better yet, know where I can go to get them?
  6. Where's Francis Lemieux?

    Did I miss something or is the team just giving him a breather?
  7. Leino or Helm

    Lieno ain't ready? Based on what? Hell, I don't even know if he's ready for the playoffs, but nothing that he has shown thus far has indicated he can't perform with the big dogs when the intensity gets stepped up. I for one think Helm provides more of what we need right now, but if I had my way, Kopecky and Maltby would be riding the pine while both Helm and Lieno play. I posted this message back in October and I'm still hoping it some how materializes come playoff time.;pid=1463921 Of course, the Ericsson thing was never going to happen this year especially with his injury issues, but with the exception of possibly having Franzen play the centerman's role I like my lines quite nicely
  8. First Line Chemistry...

    There has never been any doubt in my mind that Hossa and Dats would make a excellent tandem, but I'm not sold on the second line as is. I would much rather see the ZDH line put back together with Ville centering Franzen and Hossa. Besides the ability to score himself, I think Ville has the vision and passing skills to be successful in this role. I think people are getting too caught up with the fact he just came over from Europe and make the mistake of looking at him as being younger than he really is. Even Babs had a change of heart from the beginning of training camp to the end and believes the guy is ready to play now. Anyway, back on topic.. ZDH Franzen Leino Hossa Those would be my top two lines unless Leino proved incapable of handling the physicality of the NHL and I don't mean over a few games either. By the time Franzen gets back we should have a better idea of where Leino's game stands.
  9. Leino with 2 goals tonight

    According to this link: We could bring Leino up by sending McCarty down and anyone who thinks this is not the right thing to do is either living in the past or hasn't been paying attention to what Ville has been doing. Personnaly, I would love to see the ZDH line put back together with Ville centering Franzen(when he's healthy) and Hossa, but I understand the teams unwillingness to throw away our role players for no reason at all when we have options. Still, I hope the Ville Leino era begins soon as I think this kid has the skills to play right now in spite of what some on this board have suggested. Even Babcock said when he sent him down that the guy was ready now, but in the end it came down to injuries, player options, and of course good ole fashion Wings loyalty.
  10. Analysing the Future of the Wings

    If the cap goes up and Kenny can work his usual "Hometown Discount" magic you might just get your miracle! Datsyuk - Zetterberg - Holmstrom Franzen - Leino - Hossa Cleary - Filppula - Abdelkader Helm - Draper - Kopecky Lidstrom - Rafalski Kronwall - Stuart Ericsson - Lilja Osgood Howard
  11. What would be the best possible line-up?

    Datsyuk - Zetterberg - Holmstrom Franzen - Leino - Hossa Cleary - Filppula - Hudler Helm - Draper - Sammy Lidstrom - Rafalski Kronwall - Stuart Ericsson - Lilja Osgood Conklin
  12. Online Stream for tonight?

    Which channel mindfly?
  13. So who's it gonna be?

    Lieno If Holland and Babcock are true to their word and the best players are kept, the ones who performed the best all through training camp, than I don't see how you leave this guy off the roster. In today's game, I'm more concerned with having "skilled" players who can knock people around with their bodies and not take a penalty. Even though Ville won't add much, if anything, to the grit aspect of our team, he appears to battle pretty well along the boards and the last time I checked, we do pretty well in the hits department considering our team's propensity toward puck handlers and play-makers. That said, I wouldn't be disappointed at all if Helm was kept up on the big club instead.
  14. Datsyuk Signs 7-year, $46.9M Contract Extension

    Swift, ask yourself this question. Do you really think Holland would have given Pavel 6.7 per year if the contract was only for 3-4 years? No, probably more like 5.5-6 mil per year would have been the max he would have got from us. It's obvious to me that you and a lot of other people on this board don't quite see that the length of this deal is what makes the dollar amount so reasonable. Even in what might be considered a downtime for the NHL, the cap has gone up and is projected to go up again for next season. Why wouldn't it continue to rise at atleast at the same rate especially if the sport picks up in popularity? It should be obvious to anyone who's watched Datsyuk this year that he has stepped up his level of intensity and if he stays healthy there is absolutely no reason to believe it won't continue into the playoffs. The new no clutching, no hooking, no interfering NHL is tailor-made for Pavel's game. Is it a stretch to say that he's probably entering into the prime of his career? Are we really biting the bullet for these next couple of years to keep one of the top talents in the league in a Red Wings' uniform and why won't this contract be a huge bargain in years 4-7? Much like Yzerman, his game is really not based on blazing speed, so even if he gets a little slower toward the last few years of the contract he'll still have his puck handling skills, quick decision making and pin-point passing ability all of which will only get better with time and familiarity with his linemates. Granted, he'll never turn into the gritty grinder type that Stevie morphed into toward the latter stages of his career, but few players in the NHL can match Dats' skillset with the puck. I think this a great signing for both him and the team. For those who don't like it, you either don't understand understand or trust the CAP ceiling arguement and/or you just don't think Pavel is going to get it done in the playoffs. Of course, I can't prove otherwise, but I for one am confident that both issues will resolve themselves to the team's and the fans satisfaction and we will be praising this deal in about 3-4 years. One last thought on your company line theory...has Stevie Y ever given you the impression that he is the type to say something that he really doesn't believe and didn't he make his comments about Pavel being a special talent to Illitch behind closed doors before any contract was ever signed? I think he really meant what he said about Pavel and I have no reason to doubt his opinion over any poster on this board.