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  1. German Red Wing

  2. Chad LaRose

    NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source in most cases, unless the statement in question is sourced one way or another. As for the LaRose "signing", a quick search on Google revealed no sources stating that LaRose has been signed by Detroit. The Hockey News Transactions have not listed him either (yet?). As those are usually very reliable regarding any transactions, we can officially dismiss this as a rumor/hoax.
  3. Player chooses Girlfriend over drug test; Suspended

    Yup, he does. Take a guess why we would have been relegated from the A Group this year if we wouldn't host the 2010 championships. One hint - losses against hockey power houses like France or Denmark do not exactly help... As for the whole Busch story, it caused quite a lot of media hype over here when it came up back in 2008. Meanwhile, everybody is like "Who f***ing cares anyway".
  4. i figured out Eklund? so funny

    Zidlicky to Rangers? (e2) According to my sources within the Minnesota Wild organization, the New York Rangers are willing to part with D Wade Redden, RW Nikolai Zherdev, a 1st round pick and a rusty zamboni to obtain the services of D Marek Zidlicky. Remember, you heard it here first! But how about this one: Zetterberg to Penguins? (e3) According to my sources within the Detroit Red Wings organization, the Pittsburgh Penguins are willing to part with C Sidney Crosby, G Marc-Andre Fleury and C Evgeni Malkin to obtain the services of C Henrik Zetterberg. Remember, you heard it here first!
  5. Our Picks

    This is not quite correct. Our 4th round pick this year has gone to Los Angeles as part of the Stuart trade in 2008. See also Wikipedia. THE NHL website also used to have an overview of every team's draft picks, but the link has vanished into nirvana somehow. Nevertheless, I'm surprised that we have draft picks in every of the first three rounds this year.
  6. Zetterberg signs extension with Easton

    Easton locations Oh my, the British League... What does Easton have that Detroit has not?
  7. Red Wings re-sign Howard, Ericsson

    Official gospel from the Red Wings official page: Both have signed three-year extensions.
  8. Jagr signs in Russia

    Here is the "official" link from I'd like to point out two aspects: a) Jagr would have continued to play in the NHL if a team had given him a three-year deal in order to "bridge" the time until his final season in his native Kladno, CZE. b) His future salary is estimated to be 7 million a year without taxes, which would be equivalent to 11 million with taxes. The contract length is, as stated before, two years with the option for a third year.
  9. Tampa get Malone, Roberts...

    Additional to that trade, the Lightning are obviously close to locking Vincent Lecavalier up for 9 years:
  10. Sergei Kolosov/Siarhei Kolasau signed.

    Do we currently have an ECHL affiliate, by the way? Toledo is not an option since the Storm franchise went dormant because of arena issues a few years ago. The team will return as the Walleye, but not before 2009-10... As for Kolasau, he wouldn't have been signed for an entry level contract if he will not see time in GR sooner or later.
  11. Sergei Kolosov/Siarhei Kolasau signed.

    Now that link clarifys a lot... The Belarusian transcription from the Kyrillic alphabet can be really ugly sometimes. My first thought was "What, we signed a guy from Polynesia? Do they even have ice sheets down there?"
  12. Sergei Kolosov/Siarhei Kolasau signed.

    While reading ESPN's transaction overview for today, I stumbled over the following line: Who the *bleep* is this guy? If I would judge him just by his name, he is Grand Rapids-bound, for sure...
  13. Per Sipple, Wings are close to signing Lilja

    I'll second that. Additionally, if I remember correctly, Stuart's wife has given birth sometime around the start of the playoffs. Besides, the whole Stuart discussion reminds me of exact the same time of the year 12 months ago where similar discussions came up...
  14. Additional info: According to Tampa's official site, the conditional pick in 2009 would be a 4th rounder if Prospal is signed by Tampa Bay this summer.
  15. NHL announces selection order of 2008 Draft Detroit Red Wings pick summary: Detroit has one pick in every round except the second round, picking 30th, 91th, 121th, 151th, 181th and 211th. As usual - if a similar thread is already in place, delete this one