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  1. Where is Hossa?

    That's not the point. Hossa was huge in the series clinching win in terms of goal scoring. He has also been a force defensively and in the all around game. Yes, I would like to see him contributing more but he has not been invisible or playing terribly. He is working his ass off all over the ice and eventually the goals will come.
  2. Where is Hossa?

  3. Blue Jackets on alert for Octopi

    Sorry, I was distracted by another article on that site. So many things wrong with this. Exotic dancer, 52, attacked by rival with stiletto heel
  4. Who's kidding who, it could easily be describing Columbus as well. I have spent plenty of time there and it is not exactly a posh metropolis.
  5. For Real?

    They love him out here. A couple of my co-workers are huge Ranger fans and they are all for it.
  6. 1/8 GDT: Stars, 1 at Red Wings, 6

    The Center Ice feed truly sucks tonight. Anyone else having the same problem? It keeps freezing and cutting up for me.
  7. The all start vote...

    It's all about who takes the time to write workable scripts. Or those who take the time to vote over and over again. Not sure which is even more sad. It is meaningless either way
  8. R.I.P. The Knitting Lady

    I was a huge fan of the Knitting Lady. We were at the game the day before Christmas Eve and I asked my mom about her. Sad news but at least she seemed to do what she loved and had freaking great seats taboot.
  9. 12/30 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blackhawks 0

    Why should Detroit players fight in this situation? They are winning the game. Unless they are defending themselves or exacting revenge on a team mate fighting plays into the hands of the Hawks. I am all for fights but there was no reason for any Wings to engage in this game and if anything a scuffle could have shifted momentum to Chicago
  10. No Red Wings on All Star starting line up

    Write a script to mass vote for Red Wings players. That's why all the Ducks and let's face it the Hawks are leading in votes. If it is not a result of a script then I actually feel sorry for the people who are spending that much time repeatedly voting for their players over and over again. Either way I would rather that the Wings stayed home and rested while the less deserving players dealt with the All Star game bulls***.
  11. NHL/Hockey Twitterers

    http://is.gd/9Lfj - Hockey Twitterers... there are several RedWings people. Also not on that list Wayne Gretzky is now on Twitter and you can find him here @Wayne_Gretzky. If you are on Twitter you should check them out. Good stuff.
  12. How Would You React?

    I hate Pronger with a passion but I would love to see him with the Wings. He is a fantastic player and has an element the Wings are missing right now. He is not a one dimensional enforcer but he can and does throw his weight around. Yeah, he is dirty but like everyone mentioned so was Chelios. I would say that Chelios was even dirtier than Pronger in his prime. So if the Wings signed Pronger I would be ecstatic. For one the Wings would not have to face him anymore and more importantly they would have another top 5 defenesman who also happens to be a physical presence.
  13. Equipment

    You are probably right but if it makes Hossa feel like it gives him an advantage it probably does. Just in terms of confidence.
  14. Yeah, I could see the salary cap going down or at least not going up as much next year. The players, at least those at the top, will still get their money. I for one do not have a problem with it either. I know I will never make as much as the top pro hockey players but I don't begrudge them at all. They have a relatively short time frame in which to make money. And it is a damn hard job too. Sure, they are playing a game but they work their asses off, play through injuries, are away from their families for long stretches, they could be traded and forced to move at any time, and they could face a career ending injury on the next shift. They need to get as much as the can while they have the chance. In my career I am trying to get paid as much as I feel I am worth. As long as someone is willing to pay me my desired salary I am going to take it. And then I am going to work my ass off to try and earn more money. There is no reason a pro hockey player should be any different.
  15. It is automatic but IMO it should not be. When I played hockey our coaches would go off if we got our sticks knocked out of our hands even with a solid slash. Now in the NHL it seems like you are better off letting go even with a slight poke check because it will result in a penalty. If the slash is hard and legitimately knocks the stick out of a players hands by all means it should be called but if someone taps a stick and it goes flying across the ice it should be ignored.