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  1. "I Trust (Blank) To Pavel, You Should Too"

    I trust my wife to Pavel, you should too
  2. 3/17 GDT: Flyers 2 at Red Wings 3

    dude i live in philly and a few of my closest friends are die hard fans. they watched it at my place, and what a turn of events. All in all the wings looked real solid, they pinched a few times and twice it bit them in the ass. i mean touche to the flyers for burying there few chances, but they are a bunch of line hangers. either way great win and gave me bragging rights.
  3. 3/17 GDT: Flyers 2 at Red Wings 3

    I am from philly and all my friends are die hard flyers fans. Last time these two teams met was in Philly, in which I attended and was kicked out. This was the year the flyers were horrible and wings were at the top as usual, and the flyers pounded them. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased and heard it for days from my buddies. I need a redemption game here and need the wings to come out flying. No predictions, just a W
  4. 3/14 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Blues 2

    I know it's hard to forget what he did for us last year in the postseason, but I am getting real tired of Stuart's play. How does he miss that pass to Oshie. He was right there, i'd like to say he was out of position but he wasn't he just flat out didn't read the pass and deflect the puck. But he continues to turn pucks over and get out played in our own zone. I know the team has a whole has been lackluster in their own zone but stuart just sticks out even more. And when was the last time our goalie(s) made a save to keep us in a game. I watch all the other teams and we get get good chances on them and they make the saves like NHL goalies should. But for some reason, any good chance our opponent gets on us, our goalie gives up. It's really getting old. They aren't playing that bad, just one or two things need to change to change the whole confidence of this team.
  5. 2/15 GDT: Avalanche 6, Red Wings 5 (SO)

    Osgood is an avg goalie at best, he always has and always will be. He's a goal tender that will keep you in games, he won't win you many games but he won't lose you many. Unfortunately that time has passed and he is starting to cost them or come close to costing them games. I know the def was sloppy at times, but still osgood has to come up with most of those saves. On top of that, draper and matlby can't be in the lineup anymore. They are too much of a liability. Maltby either is lazy, doesn't have the heart anymore or just doesn't have the speed anymore, but ive seen way to many times where he should be in lanes and is too slow getting to it. draper tries harder but just doesnt have it anymore either. His only job is faceoffs, and although he was good tonight, lately he has been doing nothing but getting kicked out of the circle anyyways. Come playoffs, I think our optimal line up has to be: Datsyuk Zets Homer Cleary Hossa Franzen Samuelsson(as much as i wish it wasnt) Filppula Hudler Leino Helm Kopecky (yes I think he is better now than maltby and draper) the only problem is he always gets stuck on aline with those two Lidstrom Rafalski Kronwall Stuart Liljia I'd prefer Ericsson but i guess lebda
  6. 2/4 GDT: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 5

    and theres your make up call. it's a joke, i mean im glad they scored and hopefully win, but come on just let the guys play. and how can phoenix ***** when they got a joke call their way and scored on it. idiotss... it went both ways,
  7. 2/4 GDT: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 5

    also draper and maltby need to move on. I knwo this has been said time and time again. but draper isn't even that great anymore on faceoffs. he gets kicked out like 50% of the time anyways. and he isnt that great shorthanded anymore. i really hope this is their last year. i cant stand to see it anymore. and damn i cant believe hudler couldnt bury that, he is usually clutch
  8. 2/4 GDT: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 5

    im sooo angry right now. Chelios should not play one more game, he should retire yesterday. He never does anything good with the puck, and cant remember the last time he got a shot on net. that being said, osgood is killing them. Two or 3 soft goals this game again. May be not the best positioning for the PK but theres no reason he shouldnt have gotten over for that goal. NOt to mention that call on Helm was terrible. These refs are ******* ruining this game called Hockey. sorry for the rambling but its just so frustrating to see these things game in and game out.
  9. The NHL Should Change the Way it Shows its Games

    those angles were absolutely horrible. Try watching an entire game like that. I am not from so detroit, so I buy the NHL center ice package so I can catch all of their games, and i didnt think i was gonna be able to make it the end without getting sick. You can't see anything on what their doing. I hope I never have to watch a game like that again.
  10. smoke bomb thrown in philly...

    hahha i live in philly, and a few of my friends were that game too. i am pretty certain they weren't involved. My buddy even said there's no room for that kinda crap in this sport, def weak. I guess it's there version of our octipus hah
  11. Wings sign Conklin: 1-year, $750K

    This is exactly what holland said he was going to do. 2/3 so far. 1.) Resign Stuart or fine some what close of a replacement - CHECK 2.) Sign veteran goalie for cheap, to compete with Howard for Backup. - CHECK (howard will be the backup, but just in case, it's good to have Conklin) 3.) Sign vet forward for short term deal - ? So far so good, one more piece of the puzzle left.
  12. Parade on Friday

    Hey Everyone, I am from philly, and unfortunately do not have the privledge to experience the parade that will take place tomorrow @11. What I am asking from everyone who will be attending is plenty of pictures. I would love if whoever gets the chance, to take as many pictures as you can and post it on the site for all of those who aren't from Detroit (or nearby) or who no longer live in the nearby area. I think this is the next best thing for me to experience other than actually being there so it would be greatly appreciated. I am at work right now, sporting my zetterberg jersey in honor of his conn smythe acheivement, and everyone here hates me hhaha but i love it. Go Wings! Congrats on the bringing the Stanley Cup back where it belongs!
  13. WQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1 (OT)

    When ******* bonk scored that goal i punched the wall, and killed my hand. THen when franzenstein made that move and scored, I jumped on the doorway of my living room and hung from it practically ripping down the doorway... needless to say i have issues haha, great game though. side note: the goal they gave up with the EN, i was pissed but it wasnt the usual redwings collapse in their own zone, they held on nicely, but radick bonk took advantage of literally the 1 or 2 sec he had to catch and shoot that puck, so nice play for him, even though i hate him. THe only thing i was pissed about was because detroit laid off to much and played to positional rather than a little mroe aggresive and make them panic, but whatever we came out on top, lets finish this in nashville.
  14. Maltby out; Abdelkader gets tryout contract

    This is great, I am really excited to see this kid play. A buddy of mine that I grew up with, actually went to Mich State and played with Abdelkader last year when they won the 'ship. I saw him at a party and i told him what a red wings fan I was, so I asked him about how Justin is as a player, and said he is gonna be solid, and predicted he'd be playing with the wings very soon. He had his cell # and was gonna call him, but figured that wouldn't have been a good idea, see how many beers I had in me. Didnt wanna scare him away. Thought that be a cool story to share though./
  15. 2/26 GDT: Oilers 4, Red Wings 3 (SO)

    i cannot stand sammy, im seriously starting to get sick of him. I wish he was a healthy scratch every night. I rarely see him make the right play, he pinches at the wrong time, gets his shot blocked more than anyone I know, and cant' play defense to boot. makes me sick that babcock has him on the point on PP, of the last 2 weeks of him playing the point on the PP, I am not exaggerating when I say i may have seen him make one or two wise choices with the puck, and has a hard time keeping it in. In addition, I am starting to lose patience for liljia and lebda. I used to love lebda, but he is turning the puck over more and more and is getting caught out of position as well. I've been more impressed with quincey and meech these past week or 2. I would like to see meech or quincey full time, and scratch liljia or lebda especially once stuart is in the lineup. Here's hoping that Stuart just plans sound defense, and doesn't turn the puck over and we should be okay.