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  1. Kwiatek


  2. Kwiatek

    Griffins Training Camp

    Well... Oilers send to Griffins max four players. To other four afiliaste teams [Hamilton, Iowa, Milwaukee i Wilkes-Barre/Scranton] they porobably send the same number of players.
  3. Kwiatek

    Griffins Training Camp

    Hudler, Bootland, MacDonald, Lebda, Kopecky... not. Lebda and MacDaddy will be in Wings roster on 100%. Rest of guys probably will be too, because all of them must go through waivers. Babcock said that he wannt Hudler in the team and he needs a guy like Bootland or Norton. Kopecky like Booter has great size and play the best season in career
  4. Kwiatek

    Griffins 06-07

    Hm, Griffins this season looks really good, maybe not like a year ago, but it' s still good team. I wanna see how will play Filppula - the first offensive star in this club after Hudler and MacLean era []. Stefan Liv and Jimmy Howard will be great compare this two in this year - both should be in Detroit for year, two or even three, I don't care when, I wanna see this two in Hockeytwon someday because they have very big potential. And at the end... Lebda in Griffs or Wings? I know that in 3rd will play Lilja/Markov and Chelly, but grandpa Chelly is too old for playing 82 games on NHL level, Lebda is still young and have an experiance... be cool see him in red Wings jersey again Sorry for my poor english, hope you understand what I have written here
  5. Kwiatek

    Goalie Situation

    This season in Griffins net will be Jimmy Howard and Stefan Liv... nobody else. I wrote on my blog aboout Drew MacIntyre problems when to Griffins arrived Liv. Liv has very good season in Sweden, Howard and MacIntyre has good season too, but Howard is more potential player than Drew. Drew never will be play on NHL level... never ever [i like Drew very much, but he is not the NHL goalie and won't be]. Probably the first goalie in Griffis will be Howard, but Liv will be play often. Sorry for my english
  6. Kwiatek

    Griffins vs. Admirals series

    I think loss game 2 is probably end of this series Two loss game in home and win series is very hard to do, especially when on the ice are that good team like Milwaukee.
  7. Kwiatek


    In my opinion both - MacLean and Lebda - play below the expectation. Lebda played half season in the NHL, so I'm expecting from him more than he's playing in the playoffs. Don scored six goals, but he is not the same player who he was in the regular season. He is not the MVP. He is not the best Griffins player on the ice. I waiting for more from Donny. I waiting for the most important goals.
  8. Kwiatek

    Round 2 Starts Tonight

    Yes or not. Remember Icer, that long recess in the playoffs may deduct team rhythm.
  9. Kwiatek

    Joey MacIntyre

    Another article about Drew: AHL on the beat
  10. Kwiatek

    Joey MacIntyre

    Joey MacIntyre? Rather Drew MacIntyre Drew very impress me in the last a few weeks. He's the pillar Toledo Storm in the Kelly Cup Playoffs and Griffins in there road for the Calder Cup. In the two games vs Marlies he was like Dwayne Roloson versus Red Wings in this year playoffs - unbelieved. Have spectacular saves in the right moments. Drew has gave the Griffis promoted to the second round.
  11. Kwiatek

    Where are the fans?

    I found few moments ago very interesting tally, the all-time home games attendance:
  12. Kwiatek

    Where are the fans?

    If I would live in GR I would go to every home game.
  13. Kwiatek

    Round 2 Starts Tonight

    After two games Griffins has 14/14 penalty kill... great! I don't suppose that we have that good penalty killers... I heard good things about our 4th line with Oulahen, Keller and Himelfarb. Is it true, that they play very well in the two previous games vs Moose? P.S. Sorry for my very, very, very poor english...
  14. Kwiatek

    Round 2 Starts Tonight

    The series between Griffins and Moose will be very interesting. In the regular season both teams has presented very good hockey. Griffis won five on eight games. Both clubs has great goltenders. We have MacIntyre and Howard, our opponent has Wade "The Wall" Flaherty. Griffs has better offense skills than Moose, but they've better defense. It will be amazing series
  15. Kwiatek

    I would like your vote

    ...and I voted for you