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  1. What about radio, gonna be in U.P. all next week !
  2. Pens fans crying about not having anything to cry about.....
  3. Congratulations to all, But most of all..... WAY TO GO STEVIE !!! :beerbuddy:
  4. Not sure which is worse, Penguins winning or Buttman still sucking air and in charge ! No matter what happens....GO WINGS !!!
  5. LET'S GO REDWINGS !!! :goalie1: :octo:
  6. LET'S GO REDWINGS !!! :battle: SHOOT AND SCORE !!!
  7. Very probably, and with the roster of available officials for game 7 !!!
  8. I saw this in Battle Creek Meijer's also.
  9. Sad to say, but this would not suprise me one bit..especially after the look on Buttman's face (although I loved it) GO WINGS !!! BRING #12 HOME !!!
  10. :rotflmao: FANFREAKINGTASTIC !!! :rotflmao:
  11. got one at with helmet and cup "It's All Different with the Cup" and one at meijer's 2009 playoffs with all 11 previous cup banners on back. Saw the "Beat Pittsburgh Again" at Meijer's too.
  12. Buttman and his boy-toy.
  13. Holmstrom is STILL #1 at playing the front of the net !!!