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  1. Holland needs to retire. Or, he can keep giving away stuff for free instead of getting a return. Whichever works for you guys.
  2. Signed

    Okay. Where's the d-man
  3. Signed

    Well, this is good. I'm not sure how Holland didn't sign Vanek for 10 years. Is there any cap room left for a much needed blue line upgrade?
  4. Excuse me, but why the flying frack did we get a 32 yr old for a 6 year contract? #fireholland
  5. Hey guys. Just realized we gave up Chychrun for Helm.
  6. Holland is like a guy who got turned down repeatedly after half-heartedly inviting girls to the prom, so he suddenly proposes to his old ex gf.
  7. Dan Rosen just tweeting that we signed Helm for 4 mil, but don't even have a 1st or 2nd line C. Lol
  8. You dawg, I heard you liked Helm...
  9. Are you trying to be funny?
  10. signed

    Haha. You win.
  11. signed

    Okay, you don't have to tell horror stories this early in the day
  12. signed

    Pretty sad job by Holland. You do not pay 4 million for someone who isn't in the top two lines.
  13. Nick Cotsonika ‏@cotsonika Please tell me the Canadiens, who have put a premium on character, have not signed Radulov.
  14. Less than a minute ago Travis Yost@travisyost Alexander Radulov has signed with Montreal