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  1. anyone know when they go onsale?
  2. just went and checked out the wings practice over lunch. they skated for about 30-45 min. babs and scotty were watching from above in suits. players skating not currently in lineup- malts downey mattias rittola abdelkader jon ericcson meech quincey howard waited around after and got a few autographs. malts said he is feeling great and will hopefully play tommorow night. there was maybe 30-40 wings fans there. my friend took some pics i will try and post them when he sends them to me. pretty sure sammy did not skate. maltby said he feels great and hopes to play tommorow.
  3. think i am going to check this out, hope its legit info. GO WINGS
  4. because i grew up in detroit and ended up in denver. tons of michigan people out here. GO WINGS
  5. Got great seats for thursday, might try and get in tonight if I can find a reasonable ticket. Brooklyns is a easy place to meet up with people and just walk across the street to the can. Drinks are expensive and food is avg at best. There will be a bunch of wings fans there. GO WINGS I would love to see a squid hit the ice!
  6. In austin for a few days and looking for somewhere to watch game 1 and 2. Any help is much appreciated!! GO WINGS!
  7. I saw a shirt last weekend that was red with black outline of roy in the statue of libery pose with 33 on his chest. at the bottom it said " !@#@@!#$" and letsgowings.com on the back can anyone help me find one of there? thanks and GO WINGS!
  8. Is this game on nhl network? I don't see it in the center ice lineup and unfortunately comcast in denver still does not offer the nhl network. Looks like I might have to go to a bar to watch. Can't wait to see DMAC at the joe with the winged wheel. Should be some good energy on and off the ice. GO WINGS
  9. Snowing hard here in denver! Wings 4 (dats, flip, huds, rafa) Avs 2 (smyth, hannan) GO WINGS!
  10. Will be at the game tommorow if I can find some reasonably priced seats. Bummed that Z and Homer did'nt make the trip, but I know its all about the long run. GO WINGS!!
  11. Looking forward to another great season of Red WIngs hockey! Will be watching from denver. What are the lines looking like? GO WINGS
  12. I am in the denver area, from detroit originally. There is a nice wings bar here called The Moon Times bar and grill. It is on broadway and 9th I believe. Nice HD screens and a pretty good turnout by wings fans. GO WINGS
  13. any updates on lebda? is he still day to day? it would be great to get him back before the end of this series.
  14. I know the injury is serious and if additional bleeding occurs then it could get worse...but why can't he put on a full shield to avoid that? Its the playoffs, and we need you homer! GO WINGS
  15. White-Shanny White-blank Throw back-Gordie Howe