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  1. No these boards have went to hell. I've been mostly reading since 2002 and I have never seen it this bad. There are a lot of great posters here, these are just a few: Edicius Eva Unit Zero Haroldsnepsts Norrisnick I use to read these boards to hear these guys and others discuss hockey. Now there are just a ton of tools calling each other names and you really have to work hard to find any piece of useful information. People are complaining about how bad the Wings are after winning the cup, but I think these boards are the main casualty.
  2. Red Wings' Osgood out with groin injury

    Ozzy is going to come back like Obi-Wan more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
  3. Here is an article on topic from a couple months ago. http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic.../810210334/1004
  4. How Would You React?

    I stand corrected on Chelios, that hit was basically the same as Pronger, though I don't know what led up to it. I do know it was 20 years ago, and Cheli hasn't made dirty plays like that in a long time. Not saying he hasn't made any dirty plays, but none like that, and the fact that you had to dig up a 20 year old clip supports that. I'm sure I would have felt the same about Cheli if I was watching hockey back when he became a Wing. Also I like hockey fights, I just don't like dirty hits with intent to injure. Still don't want Pronger here. Appreciate you taking the time to dig that clip up and the stats Harold. You are one of the few people that contribute knowledge to this board and don't just call people names that don't agree with you.
  5. do you guys think this would be best

    I predict a 1 point game.
  6. Johan Franzen and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    I like how they think Homer is going to go over to the Pens and get beat up in front of the net. Don't they know he only does that for the Wings!
  7. How Would You React?

    My opinion, Pronger is the kind of dirty player that would try to end a players season/career because he is losing to that team in the Playoffs. I don't think Chelios ever made any truely dirtbag moves like that, if he did please correct me. You could argue that only Pronger knows his intentions, but I trust my eyes and my instincts. That hit on Homer a few years ago stuck with me. I've seen lots of teams start to play dirty when they realize they are losing, but Pronger takes that to a whole new level. I really wish the league had much stronger punishment for any dirty plays in the playoffs that result in players missing games. If this was an isolated incident with Pronger I could give him the benefit of the doubt, but it wasn't.
  8. How Would You React?

    If Homer would be ok with it, I would be. Otherwise, f*** that guy.
  9. Hossa or Zetterberg

    I would choose to be myself. Though I am not an NHL star I am unique individual who is still special and a good person at heart. That is what is important in this world. Ok seriously, my life sucks, I'd kill all of you violently to get to be either of these guys for 1 day.
  10. I just met Pavel Datsyuk!

    Awesome story. Glad you got your Jersey!
  11. Hossa's Motor City gig might be just revving up

    I don't think fans are knocking Hossa, as much as getting protective of Z. And leave Datsyuk out of this
  12. Hossa.....WOW

    Viva La Franzen! *jumps off bridge*
  13. Shanahan tired of waiting on Rangers

    I wish him the best long as we don't end up facing him for the cup or anything.
  14. Franzen out 3-4 weeks; more tests Monday

    So bummed.
  15. Giving up too many goals

    Yay goalie's fault thread. We should just start one of these the first game of the season every year. These are fun to read, thanks for starting it.