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  1. Pretty gutless at the end ,no emotion , no one comes to help brunner in corner.Disappointed
  2. Time to get rid of this *****.Doesnt hit can't finish,floats around,he makes me sick !
  3. Flip ain't worth 2.5 m. Time to get rid of him sick of one hand on stick and falling all over.Doesnt hit at all ,too many give aways .CANT FINISH
  4. Good leave abby in but tie his ass to the bench and let him get that stupid look on his face wondering what the f*** is going on!
  5. i hope they insert modano and sit abby,what a ******* bonehead penalty.
  6. Do we have anyone in the min ors with some heart and some fight?Put f--kin filpula in press box and tell him skating and doing f--k all means nothing .They need to start crashing and banging and being able to play 2 kinda games .
  7. FILPULA or whatever his f--kin name is needs to sit around 3 games .Hes a joke !!!Frustrating watchin these guys lose playin perimeter and i think their very predictable.Gotta get back to hard nosed hockey and get some dirty goals.
  8. Time for this team to get someone who will throw some big hits at least have the other teams have to think twice.Really frustrated!!!!f***
  9. If anyone makes up some tshirts email me i want some
  10. What a f***in goof punches him when hes down like that,i hope someone breaks his face open.
  11. Stuart and kronwall needed to wake up from their 1st shift.Kronwall on the power play looked like he didnt give a s***.I hope we get embarassed in the 3rd so we come out strong next game.
  12. we need some eager people in there that will crash the net and pay the price and not the perimeter.I hope if we play anaheim cleary or homer runs prongers head through the boards and im not joking.
  13. Kopecksy should sit i think he doesnt hit enough none of his shots get through either ,he needs to hit and finish checks and get off the ice plain and simple
  14. they need to play with more grit when things arent going well, samuelson needs to shoot the puck quicker he gets like 10 shots a game blocked its gettin pathetic i feel like throwin up,but its better now than an early exit in april
  15. i wish someone would beat jackman gotd hes an a hole , downey next game and drake one of you guys has got to deal with him