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  1. Inultus


  2. Real nice that the Pistons get both ESPN and Fox Sports Detroit and I can't seem to get the Wings game.
  3. What channel are they on in Michigan? They aren't on FSD even though the schedule says so. Pistons are on that.
  4. Inultus

    Nazis using Wings logo

    Sorry if this isn't the proper forum or if this has already been talked about, but it irks me to no end that white supremacists are using the Winged Wheel. I can't find any explanation as to why they chose to use our logo? I also think if they tried that crap around a group of Wings fans they would end up hurting.
  5. Inultus

    1/24 GDT - Red Wings at Bruins - 7:00 PM EST

    As mad as I am about losing because we couldn't put shots on net, I'm even more mad about Marchand. Am I the only one that saw him obviously slewfoot Kronwall? It's bad enough to do that to anyone, but it seems to me that he picked out a guy he knew had bad knees. He has a history of slewfoots and I wish he would just get his ass beat.
  6. Inultus

    1/5 GDT - Red Wings at Kings - 10:30 PM EST

    Great all around game. FYI, after watching the post-game with AA and Blashill, the penalty shot call was on Dekeyser not AA. After watching it again I can see why they called a penalty shot. Dekyser didn't go for the puck, he just hooked the guy up at his shoulders. Great defensive play by AA but a reasonable call.
  7. Inultus

    11/29 GDT : Stars 1 @ Red Wings 3

    When they scored off the first faceoff I thought oh no Mrazek is going to lose his cool but he just played better and better. We were still lucky to win considering how many SOG they had and also a 5 on 3. I will take 2 points either way though.
  8. Inultus

    11/26 GDT: Montreal Canadiens at Red Wings, 7:00 EST

    Emelin deserves to be taken down and hurt. I know that's not classy but it's true.
  9. Inultus

    2/18 GDT : Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins, 7:00 EST

    The goals that won the game for the Pens: 3rd goal (Kessel) Mrazek definitely should have had it. 4th goal was completely on Jurco. Instead of taking the man he tried to peel outside leaving Wilson free. 5th goal (Kessel again) Datsyuk and Zetterberg were both pylons out there, not doing anything. If anything Datsyuk helped them. Way too many defensive breakdowns and not taking advantage of Fleury's big rebounds.
  10. Inultus

    Hook, Hold, Interference, etc.

    Funny post because interference is what other team's fans always say the Wings do all game without getting called on it.
  11. Inultus

    3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

    It was so nice to see a dirty team penalized for their sins. I can't stand the Pens.
  12. Inultus

    Slava Fetisov Interview

    If the players knew the limo driver had a previous DUI and no valid driver's license they were dumb for getting in the car with him. The insurance company has absolutely no excuse for not knowing the driver wasn't legal. They paid for all medical expenses. End of story. The team stood by Vladdy but they don't "owe" him anything.
  13. Inultus

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    I'm liking he hires that have been made, especially on the offensive side.
  14. Inultus

    Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

    Chelios won the Norris 3 times and he is in the hall of fame. He was a superstar.
  15. Inultus

    Injury Updates

    Really sick of having the entire 1st line out. I doubt many teams could succeed with these kinds of injuries, thankfully the kids are playing pretty well.