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  1. Extreme smack a penguin

    I just got 3621.7, but no way over 4000 is possible. agreed!! this freaking thing is addictive
  2. Extreme smack a penguin

    3490.1 on extreme no way you got 9000 something
  3. Wikipedia: Shanny is a Devil!

    WHO CARES!!!
  4. Hossa #18?

    The NHL store sucks. I bought a Datsyuk jersey a few years ago and when I got it, it read "DATYSUK". I was pissed and send it back, another 6 weeks later, I got the right one in the mail.
  5. Official 2008 Playoff Picks Game

    WEST: (1) Detroit over (8) Nashville 4-2 (2) San Jose over (7) Calgary 4-0 (6) Colorado over (3) Minnesota 4-3 (4) Anaheim over (5) Dallas 4-3 EAST: (1) Montreal over (8) Boston 4-1 (2) Pittsburgh over (7) Ottawa 4-1 (3) Washington over (6) Philadelphia 4-3 (5) New York Rangers over (4) New Jersey 4-3 thanks
  6. 4/2 GDT: Blackhawks 6, Red Wings 2

    anybody notice this team is no different with Sammy gone?
  7. Uniform advertisements start next season

    my sons bday is april 1 (I have no trouble remembering the date) , so every year I hop on here and look for the april fools post. it's getting pretty funny Nice job Matt!!!
  8. 3/20 GDT: Red Wings 6, Predators 3

    anybody ever notice that Nashville and Chicago's ice seems a bit darker than Detroit's? It's like they have brighter lights in Detroit. There seems to be more shadows in Nashville and Chicago.
  9. Who do we WANT to play in the first round?

    I would love to see the first round just how Krause put it. in an IDEAL world, round 1 would look like this (it's very possible too) 1. Detroit - 8. Minnesota 2. Dallas - 7. Canucks 3. Colorado - 6. Calgary 4. San Jose - 5. Anaheim FANTASTIC!!!!!
  10. Does NBC change their schedule?

    if the Blue Jackets were going to the playoffs, they'd show our game. Not a big deal for me though, I prefer Mickey and Kenny anyway.
  11. Who do we WANT to play in the first round?

    personally I'd like to see us play Minnesota. Short travel for one round would be nice for a change. We're eventually going to have to travel to the west coast, assuming we go a few rounds or more, so the shortest travel the better.
  12. Now, let's move on to the bright side.

    You know whats really funny here, in 2002 the Red Wings were one of the best teams EVER put together, and there were several times that they had difficulty getting wins. Unfortunately this current team looks very little like that team. Some folks on this board seem to think if you throw the "right" people on a team, the Cup will inevitably follow. Sorry it doesn't work that way, not even close. Thats the problem with some Red Wings fans, if they don't win the cup, the season was a failure. Get a grip.
  13. Some Observations

    does everyone seem to forget that the more shots Hasek gets, the better he is? He has been this way since Buffalo, he hasn't changed. He's only seeing 18-20 shots per night.
  14. Best players ever?

    dont worry everyone, eva's just schooling most of you because some of these posts are just ridiculous. just because it's an opinion doesn't make it not stupid.
  15. Favorite Hockey Equipment Brands

    as a goalie: RBK pads CCM chest protector CCM skates RBK glove and blocker Itech mask CCM neck guard RBK stick RBK rules and byt the way RBK bought out KOHO not Jofa