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  1. S. Nierdermayer

    How can anyone on these boards say that J.S. isn't the playoff MVP. Answer me this: Who was blocking 30-40+ shots per game from our beloved Red Wings? Who is the reason why the Ducks won so many 1 point games? Who was it that finished with the best Save% outside the 2nd round? Who was it that showed the most character by being with his ill child in a time of need? Who else on the ice is not guilty of going out and cheap shotting players(esp. a player on the Ducks)? The man single handedly stopped our team. The only exception being the night the Wings chased him out of the net.... Speaking of which since when are goalies pulled after 30 min for giving up 3 goals? The man must have been ill or had a minor injury that night. I will quit the Giggy lovin' and the speculation. But ole grey hair definitely does not deserve the recognition for being the playoff MVP.
  2. Opinions: Most improved player?

    I want to start off by saying that I think the fans here at are the best most intelligent fans on the internet. I am surprised that there haven't been a sea of complaints after this WCF loss. I believe, as many of you believe, that our team played as well as they could. Of course factoring all the injuries on our team. It actually made it very entertaining to watch some of our young talent and i would like to ask everyone this question. Of the young talent on our team, who do you believe displayed the most improvement during the playoffs? Personally, the name Valterri Flippula kept popping up on the ice. He had a lot of scoring chances in the last series against the ducks and played a lot of two way hockey. And I for one would give him the nomination even though his stats don't reflect highly on his performance. In my mind his puck sense and control in was phenomenal and i hope that he begins to shine next year or in the years to follow. So who do you have? Cleary, Franzen, Lebda etc? Lets here it. And here is to next year. Grigorenko get you butt over here. Love you guys even though i don't speak up much.
  3. Mandatory Visors?

    Just to state my position, no i do not think visors should be mandatory. I, personally, think if someone is crazy enough not to wear a helmet, then let them. But that is just me. Anyways, wasn't it Al McaInnis that had to sit out for a season after a blade got in between his visor? As i remember he never was the same afterwards. Yes, he was getting old and i am sure he had other complicating injuries. But that one was particularly nasty. Other than Homer, I cannot think of another serious eye injury in the past season. Stitches? Yeah sure, they are hockey players. They know a thing or two about stitches. But, if try and tell me that NHL hockey players are checking into the Optometrist as often as they are checking for the tooth fairy? Then i am going to have to all BS on that.