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  1. good move. Mac loves it in detroit and the people love him. The longer he played i noticed his speed got better and he was able to go at that speed for longer. With a full summer and training camp to get in shape i think he will be much much better. I like Downey a lot too but he is only better than Mac at fighting everything else is overwhelmingly in favor of Mac.
  2. Pittsburgh played outstanding? did you ever watch the game tonight, they got thoroughly dominated for the vast majority of the game, and managed to squeek one out. By no means did they play outstanding... Fleury played outsanding, he was the only one.
  3. Absoulte worst reffing I have ever seen in any hockey game anywhere, it was Freaking BRUTAL!!! fleury kept them around and it must be nice to have those guys in the zebra shirts helping the stupid penguin team out all game. Go to hell NHL officials!!!
  4. You know, I kind of like this Kronwall kid haha i actaully think he is pure awsomeness, and that was a beauty of a hit.
  5. I dont know how that would pump up the avs when the joe is goign nuts.... im pretty sure that would lead to our boys getting psyched up Good showing by Mac though, didnt get hit clean and landed a couple good lefts.
  6. Yeah Drake has been awsome, smashing the other teams D and takin som healthy runs at guys. Love it. It will be even better when him and Maltby get to run around and smash people.
  7. YEESSSSS!!!! Mac Yessssss!!!
  8. From seeing it on TV the first few minutes of the game there were many empty seats but they filled up... and it looked pretty full on TV.
  9. AWSOME hit, no elbow, did leave his feet though but it doesnt matter, now they know we can hit them back hard too!!!
  10. lets just see a good tough game, hopefully with Mac fighting someone. No injuries, get the grind game going against the hawks.
  11. That fight was not as bad as some are making it out to be for Mac. Yes he did lose it but, he did not take very many clean shots and his jersey was in his fcae for the hole fight making it hard to see. He can still scrap in the NHL and win, trust me.
  12. TSN is reporting Fedorov is on his way to Washington
  13. This is awesome news. I am a big fan of Mac, and i agree with everyone who said he will help with his playoff experience and heart, you can't teach that. Who knows if he comes back put him back with drapes and malts and maybe maltby will get to his old super agitator self? that would be cool to see.
  14. Vancouver Canucks fans are the worst by far. Did you guys know that vancouver is the best team to ever play in the NHL? Neither did I. Thats what Canuck fans think though. they must be right though considering there impressive ZERO cups in what 30 someodd years.