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  1. 1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    Which goal was illegal and which was scored 5-on-3?
  2. 1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    The Wings have insane amounts of poise. They are never emotionally affected by being down. They bounce back immediately and are dangerous on every play. Sharks won by the thinnest of margins.
  3. 1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    Norco and Petaluma are two different towns in separate halves of the state, wise one.
  4. A new point system for the NHL

    They implemented to shootout to cater to the ignorant common man ("ties are homosexual communist terrorism"). They would take a step backwards on that front by using an insanely complicated point system. We don't want the stupids and their money to run away.
  5. Ron Wilson blah blah blah

    Of all the sensational things RW has said, I've never seen him follow up on any of them. I think he's just getting people riled up.
  6. Tampa Bay's new logo leaked

    It looks cleaner. I hated how the logo used two different fonts before.
  7. Ratings for Stanley Cup finals down 20 percent

    The newest and least-supported team in Canada versus the newest and least-supported team in California...and low ratings?!?!?1 OMG!!!!112
  8. stay duck fans

    I don't feel like staying if Ducks fans are going to be here...
  9. Serious Talks Of Expansion...And The Wings Moving East

    That's stupid.
  10. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    Vintage Pronger: gooning it up and not being penalized. And everyone wouldn't stop fellating him over his newfound "maturity" last year. Yeah, right. It's the same old Pronger we've been booing for years. I hate this meathead.
  11. Neidermeyer the cheap shot artist

    Maybe it was Tie Domi who rubbed off on him...
  12. FSN Not covering any more games?!?!

    Is this your first year watching hockey or has it only been that way here in California?
  13. I should have stopped at "San Diego."
  14. If SJ still had Kipper..

    So having Kiprusoff makes the defense older and wiser? It makes Marleau care more? I'll keep that in mind.