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  1. Going to be tough to move him though even for teams with injuries as they have to have cap room once the injured player returns. Hopefully he has a really strong year playing 30-40 games and we can move him in the off-season.
  2. That's all Helm
  3. greenrebellion

  4. Seems like we have a lot of forwards, who is the odd man out?
  5. GDT

    There's no one to bench. All the D have played pretty well. E is the closest candidate to deserving to sit but even he's been okay.
  6. We can't keep handing out stupid contracts to all this homegrown talent. Abby, Kindl, Ericsson,.... Let's hope Helm doesn't get a monster deal.
  7. GDT

    NO, you just have selective memory. Everyone should learn about human memory when it comes to negative events so I don't have to hear everyone whine about conspiracies against the Wings every time I come on this forum. LINK
  8. So ridiculous if we have to send Marchy down. I hope Kenny finds a way to make a move and keep him rostered.
  9. Yup, just like last season after Callahan cleared waivers, people were including him in all kinds of trade proposals.
  10. Yes, but it only frees part of his cap space.
  11. yup, doubt he gets claimed
  12. Most of these guys had really low contract values or short terms. I see Howard's contract as a big noose around our neck.
  13. Let's face it, Mrazek has more than proven that he is capable of a full time starting gig in the NHL. Howard is, and always has been, a merely average goalie. And while it never hurts to have two NHL caliber goalies on a roster, it does suck to be paying the backup $5 million+ with multiple seasons remaining. Ideally, we'll find a trade partner, but honestly, what team is going to take an average (at best) goalie for the kind of contract he is on. I just don't think any contending team would ever be that desperate for goaltending.
  14. GDT

    Wow, should have had one there.
  15. GDT

    Petr is the better goalie at this time.