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  1. He's probably asking for a first born child in addition to a first round pick.
  2. Smith was a no brainer move, can't believe they are trying to extend what end? By the time this team is competitive again, Smith will be past his prime. Besides, how do we even have cap room for him. I guess I'll hold my judgement until the first, but Vanek and Smith should be moved. No brainers.
  3. We are playing Vanek tomorrow??????? So dumb.
  4. Given Holland's lack of propensity to make trades, I highly doubt he'll be doing anything exciting here. Vanek getting moved would be miracle enough. Edit: I'm definitely exaggerating slightly but really hoping at least Smith and Vanek get moved.
  5. Let's hope
  6. This is Holland we are talking about, if he moves Miller for a bag of pucks it will be big news.
  7. Holland better make a move. If we hold on to Vanek, I will be livid.
  8. Anyone else depressed when looking out to the 2020/2021 season and realizing that between Zetterberg, Nielsen, Helm, Abdelkader and Weiss we have over $20MM tied up in salary for players, that will either not be in the NHL or at best be third/fourth line players at best.
  9. Actually, I'm not pissed :). I'm the one that wrote the big thank you thread a month or two back. I am very appreciative for what this team has provided over the years. In any event, maybe its hyperbole. But you also can't say that there is literally no choice that we get Sydney Crosby in a trade this year, because theoretically it could happen. But you don't see all kinds of comments and all kinds of new threads talking about the Wings trading for Crosby. Why? Because we don't focus on the highly unrealistic stuff in life. So maybe I am being ever so slightly too literal, but this board is talking about the playoffs for the last 6 weeks like it is actually still an ongoing realistic possibility. It's not.
  10. Not silly, this roster literally has a zero % chance of making the playoffs. Never going to happen. An 8-2 run wouldn't even get you back into it. You'd still likely be 3/4 points out of it. And this team is not capable of an 8-2 run. Let alone multiple 8-2 runs which would be required to actually get in. Its this magical thinking that a miracle might occur that will make Holland stand pat at the deadline which would be an abysmal move.
  11. Cracks me up that people still think this team has a shot at the playoffs. As I've been saying since late December, NO CHANCE this team makes the playoffs. Roster simply not good enough. I'm still watching the games these days as I enjoy watching young players develop, hopefully we sell off some players, get a decent first overall draft spot, and can look forward to brighter days ahead.
  12. Howard was not a valuable trade asset 3 months ago.
  13. Babcock loved guys like Glendening too
  14. This is Holland we are talking about. There is a chance that Vanek is moved but that is about it. Don't get your hopes to high about seeing him make a bunch of moves.
  15. Its amazing what Babcock was able to get out of the club. I remember a couple years back when something like 30% of the starting lineup was injured and our lineup looked like the AHL Griffins and we still managed to make the playoffs that season.