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  1. Order NEW 2005 Hockey Cartoon Holiday Cards!

    This years NEW 2005-06 Christmas Card batch is totally KILLER folks! This is your last opportunity to order NEW TOONS ON-ICE Hockey Christmas Cards for your Youth Hockey Fall-Winter Fundraisers. A LIMITED EDITION amount of cards are hot off the press and available to the first lucky hockey moms! Xmas Card Gift-Boxes can be signed and personalized by the artist by request. *US League Wholesale Fundraiser Orders. - Minimum Order 50 Gift-Boxes... - Order 50+ -$8.00 per Gift-Box + shipping...( 1/2 case ) - Order 100+ -$7.00 per Gift-Box + shipping...( One case ) - Order 200+ -$6.50 per Gift-Box FREE US shipping...( Two Cases ) - Estimated Resale Cost $13.99-$14.99... - 11 x 17 Color Foam Core Counter Displays available for $12... FUNDRAISER Order Info - *Hockey fans are welcome to skate here to place individual Xmas Card Orders! - Cost $12.99 per 12 card Gift-box + $5.95 Shipping and Handling. The elfs will ship all standard Christmas Card orders beginning 11/10/05! Slap a little soul on your hockey stocking stuffer this year! Check out new US Hockey Postage Stamps, Xmas Ornaments and NEW 2006 Calanders! Also order Hockey Mom Mugs, Goalie TOON Tees, Ref Humor Buttons, and Coach Dad Pillows! Unique holiday gifts for the hockey fanatic in your family! Hit the ice! Michael Fischer CEO-Chief Imagination Officer