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  1. 10/3 GDT: Red Wings 3, Anaheim Ducks 2 (F/SO)

    Wow, i am so way beyond excited about the game tonight that I am on LGW rather than listening to my lecture. Hopefully the wings are feeling my excitement as well, so Wings 3 Ducks 1.
  2. You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    You're a Detroit Red Wings fan still owe your roommate 100 dollars for those round one playoff tickets.
  3. You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    OMG, I am totally guilty of that--I find myself still thinking that if I do something the Wings will win but then sadly remember they aren't playing anymore
  4. Opinions: Most improved player?

    I'd go with the obvious choice of Danny Cleary--the guy made a complete 180 from the season before. Even if he fails to put up the same numbers next season his energy and passion would be plenty of a contribution. After Cleary, I'd go with Markov--not really as most improved because he was never playing poorly, but when Schneids went down Markov really stepped in and played awesome. I definitely want to see this guy in a Wings jersey next season
  5. Who else went to playoff games?

    I went to first round game 5--and I was there for my favorite moment of the playoffs: Cleary's short handed penalty shot goal. It was amazing and the Joe erupted.
  6. Surprise! Nashville player ejected at Worlds.

    Holy crap that was horrible. I don't think of Weber as dirty, but that hit might have proved me wrong.
  7. GAME 3 (4/30): Red Wings @ Sharks- 10:00 PM ET

    My flight for Florida leaves tomorrow at 6am--meaning I have to be up at 3ish--meaning I have to choose between getting more than 2 hours of sleep tonight or the Wings. I think we all know what I pick, but they better not lose because then I'll be super cranky after no sleep and a wings loss. That said, I feel confident and wouldn't stay up unless I did: Wings 4 Sharks 1
  8. semi-late night OTT/NJD GDT

    NJ SCOREESSSS I just came on to support the Late Night Crew and look what happens, the game ends. Boo. At least NJ won.
  9. Post-Game 2: Red Wings 3, Sharks 2 (4/28)

    Great pic ...if you can't tell already I love Danny Cleary. But seriously the guy doesn't disappoint. He steps up with the big goal and plays with soo much heart. A couple weeks ago I just bought a Cleary game worn jersey and got it signed--I don't regret spending the 400 dollars now.
  10. semi-late night OTT/NJD GDT

    Leave it!! Pavs is clutch, but we gotta show Cleary some love
  11. semi-late night OTT/NJD GDT

    The late night crew is hoping for some OT--except I missed last nights' 2OT thriller, boo. I am in the mood for some hockey tonight, so I'll be watching the NJ/Ottawa game.
  12. Holmstrom OUT for Game 1

    Looks like Quincey will get the nod regardless, since Lebda is not playing in game one ...I have confidence in Quincey though. Cleary definitely deserves a shot on the first line. That said, the Cleary/Malts/Drapes line has really been clicking. I don't think I'd want to touch that line.
  13. Kronwall Update

    ESPN is reporting that Lebda will be out for game one with a sore ankle and concussion.
  14. Cheli's Hilarious SI Interview

    LMFAO, that was good--gotta love Cheli.
  15. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    Nice, I like