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  1. Afterburners activate!
  2. The magic 8-ball tells me that we're in for a multi OT game.
  3. Goal would count and Crosby would be awarded a penalty shot during which our goalie would have to watch from the penalty box. If Crosby hits the net, it's another goal. If he misses the open net, it's 2 goals.
  4. I'll go with Malts with the GWG.
  5. C'mon Canes, at least ONE win, OK?
  6. Had to play 4th person on this one and quote myself: For the hawks fans, playoff series can be long and can contain multiple games, just so you know.
  7. It's almost as if you think it's a long season and in the playoffs the series are long as well.
  8. and half of chitcago smells like crap. And my bike is cooler than yours.
  9. As long as you come back here from watching the Cubs or White Sox to eat crow when it doesn't, that's fine.
  10. be a fly on the wall when Babcock preaches about coming out intense from the get-go in the first period next game.
  11. I can't get past how funny your profile note of "PANIC PANIC OMFG PANIC" is at this point.
  12. COULD have been a game changer IMO with Kronner having his first big LEAGAL hit of the playoffs and playing the rest of the game kicking ass. Oh well, on to gm 4.
  13. all i know is Lidstrom is "due" on the pp!