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  1. ronsolo3

  2. Yzerman for another gold medal

    Well if he can handle that, he can sure handle playing in the next WC Alumni game.
  3. Are the Red Wings America's hockey team

    From my perspective in a non-hockey market (Houston), The Wings are definitely America's team. Not a lot of hockey fans down here but I always seem to run into Wings fans. We went to a game in Dallas last month and the place was FULL of wings fans. I just don't see the Ranger love like that...not down here anyway.
  4. For Those Who Rely on Versus For Wings Games

    From my experience (in Houston w/DirecTV & the Center Ice pkg), even if you have the Center Ice package, since Versus has exclusive rights to the game, Center Ice will not show that game. This has happened all year long, even when DirecTV dropped Versus. It is completely ridiculous. If I could, I would watch every game on FSD. I never get to see Kenny and Mickey after the regualar season aside from a game or two in round one. Anyone else have this problem in the US?
  5. Anyone ever get a jersey from sportsk?

    I have purchased 4 authentic, 1 replica Wings jersey from SportsK over the past couple of years. If you have a discerning eye regarding customizations, you will not be disappointed. They are top notch...Highly recommend.
  6. SportsK Jerseys

    I have purchased 3 authentics and one WC replica from SportsK and the customization has been perfect on all of them! Prices are great too. Highly recommended
  7. Name change

    Seems like it just changed last year. In the NBA it has always been the 'Finals'. Maybe to put a little urgency on the average person to tune in???
  8. that just made my day!
  9. Vintage Datsyuk

  10. What is up with Stuart?!

    5 game point streak
  11. Best place in Detroit to buy Red Wings merchandise

    Anyone seen the WHITE player t-shirts? All I see online are the red ones. I saw a white Holmstrom on an employee at the NHL/RBK store in NY while watching NHL Live on TV. So I know they exist, I just don't see them anywhere. Anyone else seen these?
  12. Man the Pens board is just as bad as their coach...

    Even when Dallas was down 3-0 in the WCF, you never heard them cry. Tippet & Co. were classy in the pressers...not happy at all, but classy. They gave Detroit the credit they deserved. Why is this Pittsburgh team (and fans) such babies? It really makes them look bad. Is that an East thing? Where was all the obstruction last night? Makes MT look kinda foolish now, don't you think? The Pens fans are complaining how boring the Wings style is (a la '95 Devils). Problem is, they are only watching one team play. I guess it would seem that way. But being an outsider, I think Detroit plays the most beautiful hockey on the planet. They are amazing to watch! Detroit deserves the cup and all the hardware coming their way this year. They have been the epitome of NHL hockey and anyone who doesn't see that has their head up their five hole. GO WINGS!! This is your year! Edit: spelling