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  1. Red wings Photos

    Does anyone have any good high res pics of Jimmy Howard specifically? I am looking for some good reference pictures for a drawing I want to start soon. It's tough to find a lot of decent pics since he is a rookie. I purchased a good one of him after getting his mask knocked off, but I haven't decided if I want to use it yet. Any big/detailed pics would be helpful. Thanks everyone!
  2. I was always a huge Curtis Joseph fan (Starstopper31 is no coincidence) and was really disappointed in the way he was treated here. I will always love the Wings, but the way the fans and management treated him was disgusting.
  3. Wings Transactions You Loved Which Unfortunately Failed

    I would like to hear what else Curtis Joseph could have done to make the haters feel better. Score? Yeah I guess he didn't do that any better than the rest of the team did.
  4. Would you wear an Avalanche jersey?

    And speaking of rivals, at least Western has a real hockey team and a jersey that could be worn... Go Wings and Broncos
  5. Kevin Allen discussion on Wings deadline moves

    This year's draft is supposed to be pretty deep. I wouldn't trade off too much of it, especially for players like Fedorov. This is not the Fedorov of the 90's. Sure, Holland and company have done a lot with low draft picks, but a deep draft could really help the Wings in the long term. Maybe if Fedorov came to Detroit in exchange for "future considerations" i.e. a pick in the 2009 draft, I'd be more for it.
  6. All-Star Game Roster Update

    We should just have Stevie come back for a game or two and make the all-star team... seems like he would be a good fit under the new system
  7. Curtis Joseph wins Spengler Cup

    As mentioned, CuJo played awesome, and we screwed him over. I wouldn't want him to come back to Detroit because of the way we treated him in the first place. He deserves better... That being said, none of those mentioned rumored teams in the article would have much of a chance of winning the cup, with the exception of Ottawa. It would still be nice to see him in the league though.
  8. Wings lead west in All Star voting

    Just noting that Hasek is a DISTANT 3rd... even the name can't make up for a terrible season. Hopefully Osgood will make a reserve spot... He deserves it
  9. Shutout x 5...

    Any goalie who thinks they are talented and plays with pads like Giguere's is living in denial. There should be a restriction for pads, based on the size of the goalie. A goalie who is 6'4" should have larger equipment than a goalie who is 5'7". While I do think that there should be rules, how about shooters who have one-piece composite sticks that allow them to shoot harder than they normally could otherwise? If a forward can have equipment that makes him better than he really is, shouldn't a goalie be allowed the same? All I am saying is that gear constantly evolves to make the players better (on both sides of the ice). Likewise, the techniques have also evolved to make better players. You will never see goalies as terrible as the ones in the 80s because the game has changed too much. Goalies are smarter now, train better, and have learned what is needed to be successful in the modern game. Changing pad size won't really increase the GAA that much, and it definitely won't make the game more interesting.
  10. Do any Red Wing players read this forum?

    You know that if a Red Wing actually posted, especially on this topic, that no one would actually believe it was them anyways. That would be sweet though if a player actually were on here. I'm sure they'd love to be lectured on how to play better hockey by all of the experts here at LGW...
  11. How close was Luongo to becoming a Red Wing?

    For the record, I feel Luongo is the better goalie. But do you all really think we would have been that much better last year in the playoffs? Hasek had such great numbers for us, that even if Luongo played better, it wouldn't have been by much. Having Luongo would have been nice for us in terms of future playoff runs, but saying last year would have been a cup year with Luongo is pushing it, IMO.
  12. stars new jersey?

    I have a feeling that these are probably either prototypes or fakes. As the website mentioned, there isn't the usual NHL shield on the collar. I don't know why someone would go to so much trouble to make up a jersey for a fake leak though... If they are real, then they really do look dumb. Its hard to tell, but it looks like the home jersey is black. That would be great because green is really getting over used... better to go with what everyone else does instead of being unique and interesting
  13. bench bert article today

    Yeah we're down one game in a best of seven. Sitting Bert sounds like a great plan. Pavs didn't score last game either, so maybe we should bench him too. Seriously guys, if anyone thinks sitting Bert is a good idea, well... I'll just leave it at that. I wouldn't want to upset all of the hockey experts on this site...
  14. Goalie

    I'm a goalie too. I've been playing for about 12 years (both ice and inline). I've also had experience painting masks (including my own). Like the others, if you have questions, feel free to ask.
  15. Bertuzzi impresses Babcock in first practice

    Yeah I noticed that too. It's not like it's a typo, they wrote out Calgary. Someone is fired...