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  1. Motorcity19

  2. Why did Babcock sit Abby?

    You cant sit kronwall.... but i agree abby for leino I like leino too but we are missing both the speed and the physical part of the game right now
  3. Datsyuk

    I hope to have him back for game three but it wont be the end of the world if he isnt. We've let in what... 3 goals in 4 games without him?... I rather him rest until hes ready
  4. Leino

    Anyone think we can keep him in the lineup when holmstrom comes back? Might be a stupid question but i was under the impression there is no salary cap room for him in the lineup
  5. After 'hiding from everybody,' Emery tries to right ship

    All the best.... but i think its too late
  6. 2008 SCF Game 6 GDT: Red Wings 3, Penguins 2

    Couldn't agree more... and thanks for telling us detroit was going to win tonight no question in your mind... gave me confidence and i was less stresss even though that last second killed me lol CONGRATS WINGS!!!!
  7. Thank you, Matt

    Thanks matt and the rest of the team... it really made this championship that much more special Thanks!!! YEAH WINGS!!!!!!
  8. Wings 'Anti'-Conn Smythe Candidate

    No Such Candidate! GO WINGS GO!!!!!
  9. Cheli in for game 6?

    Yes Lilja younger and surely faster.... not saying hes fast but he is def faster then chelios...
  10. Cheli in for game 6?

    no chelios please!!!!... hudler has to stay in... he barely gets any ice time and hes still racking up the points
  11. Cheli in for game 6?

    My opinion is chelios is too slow for this pits team... they need the younger guys on D Does anyone else agree with me that stuart was terrible in game 5?... I have never seen someone give up the puck so many times in one game and fall behind our net for no reason.... he looks to shaky for some reason... NO CHELIOS....
  12. Sid-no-longer-the-kid

    wHATEVER Works lol
  13. Anyone besides me....

    I agree. This guy is capable of turning nothing into something every shift he takes. And your right hes getting his touch back right now which should mean problems for pits. I just wished he would get alittle more rewarded for his efforts like a breakaway or a 2 on 1 with Z. Something that really puts him into overdrive.
  14. Lines for game 6

    I dont get why coaches do that. Sure if your not getting what you want you are going to try to change things up. But dont forget that the top line of DZH is what got us where we are. If they have a bad period, owell. You know what they are capable of together....
  15. We just need to relax