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  1. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    Here, here!! PS. It's still to early to be saying sign over the division yet, though.
  2. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    Well, I guess I'll stoke the fire a little. I thought that these past two game have given us a glimpse of what this season series is going to be like. Close, all the way to the bitter end. I'm really looking forward to the Feb 8&9 home and home. A.) I can go to one of the games. and B.) I think the Wings are going to come out storming, making these last 5 games EXTREMELY entertaining. Voukoun's saves may not look flashy, but I love watching him. I agree with the positioning comment made on these boards. I'm also going to say, having looked at the highlights again, that Legace wasn't atrocious. He made some awesome saves, and I think that Sully has just been in his head a little bit. I can see why you say breakaways are a weakness for him, but that is an area he can work on. Finally, I wish to apologize for some of my colleagues who come on this board and troll. I know that sometimes, after a Preds loss, the Wings' trolls coming to our boards, there's so much red at the GEC, and all I want to to is join in on a "Red Wings Suck chant". Let it be said however, that I do know that the Red Wings are a spectacular team, the team to beat, and I look forward to us being a new Colorado for the Wings. Have a nice night, see you on the 8th. cinepuck
  3. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    The Preds are a little new at this owning the Central thing. Do we get a receipt or something? A pinkslip transfer maybe? Who will be signing that title over to us now? Manny? Babcock? Stevie? Darn it Artillery, Why? Tell me why you have to say something stupid like that? Please?
  4. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    Please don't generalize the Predators' faithful. I know that the goal is to win that beautiful silver chalice, but the Red Wings have always been our measuring stick. We care so much because we know in order to win said chalice, we have to be able to consistantly beat your team. That's my two cents. cinepuck
  5. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    Hi all, I'm new to these boards. Just another intelligent Preds fan looking for another place to talk hockey. This game worries me, but at the same time, it doesn't. It's such a long season series, and I predicted that the Wings and the Preds would split it from the very beginning. So, I wouldn't be upset either way. I hope the Preds win though. So here's my bold prediction: Kariya gets back on track. Two goals Sully gets 1. Fiddler gets 1. Datsyuk gets 2 and I'll give Stevie Y 1. Preds 4 Wings 3 Let the race begin. My name on the Preds boards is cinepuck, so I'll sign my name as that. cinepuck