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  1. Chairman Maouth

    Chairman Maouth

  2. Chairman Maouth

    11/30 GDT - Canucks 3 at Red Wings 5

    Very cool segment on Bertuzzi and Brad McCrimmon. Hopefully the main piece will be available online soon. You guys may want to make a separate thread about it - but it's featured before today's game which is why I posted it here.
  3. Chairman Maouth

    John Tortorella's other side (wow)

    I assume he went to the ticket desk, checked his bags and got on the plane.
  4. Chairman Maouth

    Canucks Sign Burrows To Four-Year Extension.

    I had high hopes for Volpatti after the 2011 pre-season. He was like a wrecking ball - then when the regular season started he crashed and burned. I see him as a potential call-up at this point but not first in line. The most recent info I have: http://www.vancouver...9235/story.html
  5. Chairman Maouth

    Canucks Sign Burrows To Four-Year Extension.

    I know I'm nit-picking here, but Hamhuis and Bieksa are too good together to split up. Ballard and Tanev also have chemistry. I think it will be Garrison/Edler although with both of those guys having big shots it does possibly warrant some experimentation with the line-up.
  6. Chairman Maouth

    Dale Weise Re-signs with Vancouver

    You have to judge each situation with a discerning eye. Why would Marchand lie about this? He's essentially standing up for Weise who was roundly criticized in the press - even in Vancouver. But then, after Marchand said what he did we saw stuff like this. http://vansunsportsb...ise-an-apology/ So why would Marchand lie when it bails out Weise - a member of a hated rival who had just beaten your team?
  7. Chairman Maouth

    Dale Weise Re-signs with Vancouver

    Thanks for showing me the light. I don't know what I was thinking taking the word of one of Thornton's teammates over yours.
  8. Chairman Maouth

    Dale Weise Re-signs with Vancouver

  9. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    They have a better chance than most teams, but hell I don't know if they can win it or not. Odds are against any single team wining a cup before the playoffs start.
  10. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Pretty good game that was brought down a little by the refs calling every chintzy little penalty they could on both teams. I'd give the edge in play to the Canucks and the edge in goaltending to Howard. That was a helluva streak though, but it had to end sometime.
  11. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Listening to Vancouver radio about the game. Some comments paraphrased. "Wings home record is extremely impressive - unprecedented." -- Alain Vigneault "We hope the Wings streak is still alive when we roll into town." -- Roberto Luongo. "Should be a great game and test for both teams - the team with the best home record in the NHL versus the team with the best road record in the NHL." -- Forgot who said that "We're going to try and rain on their parade." -- Aaron Rome. "This is probably the most intense game of the year." -- David Booth "Thanks to Ken Holland - couldn't be happier than to be here for another two." -- Todd Bertuzzi "Playing defense helps keep me in the line-up." -- Todd Bertuzzi Better goalie? Very arguable. With both goalies that both teams have. I hated the diving the Canucks used to do. I estimate they've cut the diving by 80-90 percent this season. In fact I think they're in the lower half (and probsbly one quarter) of teams in the NHL that dive.
  12. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    A bit of an interesting subplot to the game tonight. David Booth has played great this year since the Canucks got him from Florida. He was born in Detroit and apparently has never played a game at the Joe anytime in his career. I imagine he'll have plenty of friends and family at the game. I also imagine he's undoubtedly highly pumped to be playing a game in the NHL near where he was born.
  13. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Well Datsyuk is certainly an integral part of the Red Wings, (not sure about other injuries) but in his case at least, no team is going to go far if only one player is relied on to win the games. Datsyuk is the player I've seen most mentioned in this thread. Injuries happen to all teams and as a Canucks fan i'm certainly not going to feel like it's a hollow victory if we win - and I'm certainly not going to feel shame if we lose. Good teams also have a way of picking up the slack when a player goes down and the Wings are nothing if not a good team. Hell, the proof of that is already there in Joey MacDonald. But I digress, no matter if Datsyuk, Howard, a Sedin or whovever could be injured, it's still a game that's attracting considerably more attention than just your normal run of the mill regular season game.
  14. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Messaged you with 4. Not sure if they're kosher to post here in public or not. Thanks HM.
  15. Chairman Maouth

    2/23 GDT : Canucks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    I've come down on Monster a couple times in the past but to criticize Monster (and me by proxy) so heavily is a little unfair. He may be wrong about the timing of the GDT but he's certainly correct in saying this is a big game that's getting a lot of attention from fans (and the media). It's the two western conference powerhouses meeting for a game that could determine first place overall in the NHL - plus that whole streak thing you guys got going. It's one thing to criticize when there's a valid reason, but to criticize like you have based on a statement that is at least partially correct seems to me to be more reflective of how you feel about the Canucks and their fans rather than anything particularly shameful that Monster said. But to the game - whenever I see the GDT's here and the "Projected Starters" and "Injury Report" banners I assume those are hot-linked to another page but that never seems to happen. Maybe that's a FireFox issue though. Vancouver Canucks' Starting Lineup: D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Burrows Booth - Kesler - Raymond Hansen - Hodgson - Higgins Weise - Malhotra - Lapierre Hamhuis - Bieksa Edler - Salo Rome - Tanev Tanev is a good young defenceman and is expected to crack the top four within a year or so. Luongo is expected to start but I don't think that's been officially announced yet. Canucks play the Devils the next night so Schneider will most certainly get at least one of those games. He has been trusted to play big games against big teams but I'd expect Luongo to get the Wings game. The wild card in this is that I'm sure both Luongo and Coach Vig would like to see Luongo go head to head against Brodeur. Higgins missed practice yesterday. Murphy @sportsnetmurph #canucks Higgins blocked a shot in 3rd period (against Nashville) and needed stitches to close a cut. His finger is not broken and he expects to play in DET. Canuck Killers: Pavel Datsyuk - 34GP, 9G, 15A, 24Pts Henrik Zetterberg - 33GP, 10G, 13A, 23Pts Nicklas Lidstrom - 76GP, 13G, 42A, 55Pts Wing Killers: Daniel Sedin - 41GP, 14G, 24A, 38Pts Henrik Sedin - 43GP, 8G, 30A, 38Pts Ryan Kesler - 25GP, 7G, 12A, 19Pts The Canucks have a decided advantage on special teams but that means nothing come game time today. The fact that their powerplay is still first in the league only speaks to how dominant it was early in the season. It has struggled for a couple months now as has the entire team with the exception of the goaltending tandem which has managed to pull out the wins. The team struggles appear to have ended recently though. I'm expecting a potential game of the year with a playoff atmosphere. Good luck guys and girls.