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  1. Haven't been around in a while, but how times change. In the past a game-day thread would be pages long on here.
  2. Why are the Wings Afraid to Block Shots?

    I cn remember watching the Wings years ago and it seemed like they blocked every other shot.
  3. A bit ironic considering before the season started I was talking with a group of friends (including two Wings fans) and most felt the Wings are one injury away from missing the playoffs this year. The majority of us felt that the Wings lack defense. Let's face it, you guys didn't improve over the summer in defense and you have basically the same defense that let in an average 3 goals a game from last year. Personally this Wings team can go either direction, 1 or out of the playoffs. Streaks will be a big factor this year for you guys.
  4. Lidstrom VS Broduer

    I think they are both overstated. Both are prducts of their team system, without which would have been good players, but not great players. I would vote for neither of them.
  5. Most Annoying NHL Fans

    I think the answer here varies depending on the year. 20 years ago I'd have said King fans. Ten years ago I'd have said either Stars or Ave fans. Today, Canucks and Wings. Tomorrow, who knows.
  6. Predict The Wings Next Season

    Sadly my choice was not there, 90-100 points. I do think the Wings will have about 3 10+ goal scorers, but what place depends on quite a lot of other factors. The offense, which improved in 2008-9 from the previous year, up about 30 goals was good, but here I do beleive that the loss of Hossa will be a factor. The defense is the largest question mark. It allowed almost 70 more goals and I do not see where the Wings have improved in this area. This season could actually go either way though. If a few players don't show up, the Wings could be fighting for a playoff spot. If they over-acheive it could be 120 points and an easy walk into the playoffs. Overall, I see a fight by Detroit for the top spots (by that I mean 1-4 seeds).
  7. I havce to laugh whenever I see a thread like this, especially from Wings fans. Your team is the greatest interference team in the league and doesn't get called. Simple fact is the Wings D failed to play the puck, it was the biggest weakness all season long. Look at some facts. almost 60 more goals from last year during the regular season, one of the worst PKs, that means something is wrong defensively, and during game 7 it showed. It wasn't the ref, but a team that is more used to winning games offensively than defensively. The Pens were a better defensive team and when the Wings offensive died so did their winning.
  8. What are your feelings on that Icing goal?

    I see that type wash out icing occur about a dozen times a period per game, nothing new. Simple fact is without offense this Wings team isn't very good. They gave up 240 goals (up almost 60 from the previous season) and their PK was one of the worst in the league. The turnover that resulted from the play is a result of the Wings poor defence, nothing more, nothing less.
  9. Marian Hossa, merged

    Is this guy a jinx? He lost last year with the Pens and now this year with the Wings.
  10. WCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 4 (OT)

    I thought the exact same thing.
  11. WCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 4 (OT)

    I'm not a Wings fan, but you guys are getting screwed by the refs for sure.
  12. WCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 4 (OT)

    Watching this game that was not a 5 min major penalty.
  13. Captain Nick

    Here's a thought for you. Maybe the Wings are not slowling down, or getting worse, but the rest of the league is getting better. There is a lot of good young, mostly unknown talent among many teams now who are starting to mature and actually play very well. They are fast, young and fearless and let's face it, Lidstrom is 38 when most players are past their prime. He has to play a much tighter game and be in position now all the time otherwise he'll get burned. I doubt anyone over the course of an 80+ game season can do that. (I find it funny though that the Wings lose and I win money every time, because you fans always, always blame the refs, my pocket book thanks you)
  14. Hasek and Hull

    PErsonally, don't know if they exchanged words or not. About the goal, I thought it was legal, after all the Sabers could have argued it right away (it was in Buffalo), and the officals could have stopped any celebration early on (which they didn't). PErsonally, it was a marginal legal goal. On the plus side, it got rid of a horrible rule.
  15. What is up with faceoff circle issues in this series?

    If they were trying to speed it up, then they've failed since day one. I rarely see a faceoff (playoffs or regular season) where someone hadn't been thrown out, or they had to redrop the puck. I seem to remember that before the lockout you rarely saw people kicked out of the faceoff circle, now, I'm shocked if it doesn't happen, go figure.