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  1. well, there is roster room to sign DMac and bring him up
  2. yeah let's base real season rosters off ASGs... jebus.
  3. Everyone and their uncles wanted Power Forward X last spring. Bert was the best of the deadline acquisitions, sadly enough, I might add. Are you people who say "we shouldve traded someone else" sure the Panthers would've taken anything but a "PF" in return for Bert?
  4. I'm not sure Hudlergate has as much to do with Babs disliking Hudler as it got to do with him trying to squeeze something out of the other guys. wow.. yeah it'd sucked to lose this one, even in a shootout. Good win. Some positive mojo to carry along on the roadtrip. Edit: Cleary is always everywhere. Definitely hard working with and without the puck.
  5. this is just not fair. nuckers do nothing and get 2 goals!
  6. whoa awesome Cleary. Cleary's been our offense in this period, haha.
  7. we had some awful losses last season too, lets not forget. Boston.. argh. Philly.. argh. Sharks.. argh.
  8. epic fail
  9. Note to Babs.. on Thursday, don't dress these guys:
  10. really, no goalie save for a cinder block wall could've helped us tonight. I'm much more concerned with the disarray the skaters are in. can't explain it. they shown fundamentals before christmas.. now it's all gone. did the return of Homer n Maltby really weaken the team this much?
  11. I disagree.. the effort is there The intelligence is not. Why? I cannot tell.
  12. I dunno if it got to do with effort really, the players are just on the wrong place all the time. Skating harder doesn't make a difference when you're goin in the wrong direction.
  13. Atlanta have been dominating since the first second.
  14. the Minny game was awesome, the Wings weren't all bad in that one. This game they look totally off, being in the wrong spots, pinching at improper moments, fumbling passes, Z had an unforced error etc... yech.
  15. Blake is much, much better than Stuart ever was. In fact - Brad Stuart is a _mediocre_ defenseman in this league.