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  1. h2obury

  2. Revenge

    I would want to beat the Pens for revenge just thinking about that 09 defeat still stings.
  3. Jimmy Howard will be back in net Thursday

    Good I am glad MacDonald just was not cutting it although he did make a couple of nice saves. I just feel that the Wings play better when they have a goalie that they trust in net.
  4. Todd Bertuzzi - Emergency Goaltender

    Its too bad Stuart is hurt because I could see him playing goalie he always seems to be making last second saves...
  5. Todd Bertuzzi - Emergency Goaltender

    I was worried there for a minute during Fridays game against the Blues a couple of times Mcdonald went down awkwardly or was bowled over especially in the shoot out against Nash and I was thinking who the heck do they put in now? Good to know we have a backup like Bertuzzi! :goalie1:
  6. Subban's huge hit

    I have to agree with you there its very annoying to me if you want to get back at the guy hit him hard the next time he is on the ice. That was a very good clean (very hard) hit IMO.
  7. Possible Winter Classic @ Comerica Park

    I would love to see either Colorado or a team like the Blues or maybe even the Kings might be a good draw as a young up and coming team. Also I think it would be awesome if they held it at the Big House.
  8. Bert: (One of) the most hated athletes.

    Joey Barton - Newcastle United: Hated by many for his off-field conduct, which includes once sticking a cigar in the eye of an opposing player, resulting in permanent eye damage. Wow talk about a DB
  9. Nice Babcock Article at Yahoo Sports

    Yeah Leino is who I thought of too haha sounds like something he would say. Didn't he say something about that when he was traded to Philly?
  10. I was just reading this article at yahoo sports about Mike Babcock I found it interesting and though I would share it. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AjRnh93K6fTp7oiMZ3zl5fV7vLYF?slug=nc-wings101110
  11. Funny new Wings commercial

    Saw the commercial this morning on espn! Love it! here is a youtube link
  12. Osgood

    I have always been a big fan of Ozzie and I have a feeling that we wont know what we had until he retires. Sure he has had his ups and downs and obviously last year was a down year but nothing is better in the NHL then being able to have a steady goaltender that a team can depend on Ozzie has been that more years than not.
  13. How big of a Wings fan is your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other?

    My Fiance and I both love hockey and the Red Wings to us there is no better date night then going out to watch a game and having a couple of drinks. For the first Valentines Day we were together we ordered pizza and watched a Wings game. I knew right then she was the one
  14. Wings sign Ruslan Salei

    Not quite sure what to think of this signing but I hope it works out! I guess we won't know until the puck drops.
  15. Jersey Purchase

    I Think my next Jersey of choice will be Franzen but out of the guys you had listed I would go with either Helm or Howard.