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  1. Green Day! Getting ready for their concert @ MSG next month!
  2. It's too soon. I'm still pissed about the game, and the fact that I've seen penguins every time I turn on my TV since Friday night isn't helping.
  3. Oh, I sympathize. I never liked Elway. Seeing him finally win a Super Bowl pissed me off, too. It reminds me of how I felt after the Yankees choked in the 2004 ALCS. They went up 3-0 on the Red Sox. Game 3 saw the Yanks win 19-8. You think they'd come back out there in Game 4 and win, right? HA! Their offense didn't show up for the next 4 games, and they lost to the Sox in 7. At home. The Sox went on to win the World Series that year, ending their 80+ year championship drought. Knowing that they beat the Yanks to get there was even more painful. My Sox fan friends reminded me of this every chance they got. This was also the season that brought A-Rod to the Yankees. The media around here does NOTHING but fawn over this guy and he's done nothing to help the team. Since A-Fraud came to the Yanks, they've suffered the worst playoff collapse in baseball history, eliminated in the ALDS 3 straight years, and failed to make the playoffs last year. And my family & friends thought I was crazy when I said A-Rod was a jinx. Right now, I'm not sure who I hate more: A-Fraud or Pubic Beard (or Chia Pet, the nickname we gave him during the ECF). Off topic, but best of luck to the Packers next season.
  4. Drinking, fighting back the urge to cry, ordering a new computer, and thinking about my cousin, who turns 8 today. If thinking of that adorable, sweet little girl doesn't cheer me up, then nothing will.
  5. I'm heartbroken and fearing the Cindy!love we'll have to put up with during the off-season and next season. Now I'm going to finish off the rest of the beers in my fridge.
  6. That's when I put my baseball bat through the TV.
  7. Buttman will do everything he can to keep the Cup in Pittsburgh.
  8. And that's when I change the channel.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't live in the Detroit area, so I don't get FSD. I'm stuck with NBC and Versus for Wings games. If I'm employed by next season, I may invest in Center Ice. This is why they invented remote controls and mute buttons. If the Cindy!love starts, I can change the channel or mute the announcers.
  10. If we thought the Cindy love was bad before...wait. The NHL's golden child now has a Cup. They're going to shove this s*** down our throats every chance they get.
  11. Marian Hossa can f*** himself.
  12. Well, that sucked.
  13. One more. One more. One more.
  14. Please tie the game, Wings. Then win it. Don't let Buttman's dreams come true.