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  1. So now that our Wings are out do we cheer for Tampa Bay? I will be, at least 1 Red Wing could still win the Cup. Go Stevie Y!!!!
  2. Seriously? When did this happen. I may have to reconsider my fandom of Kid!
  3. In 2002 my friends and I went to the Wings training camp in TC. One crazy night we ended up at a party that DMac, Maltby, Dandenault, Manny Legace and Tim Verbeek (Pats younger brother) were at. I ended up playing a game of euchre with Maltby, Dandy and Tim. Dandy and I were partners. We had the lead through most of the game until Kirk caught a loner and they beat us by 1 point. Just thought I would share a Dandy memory.
  4. The Vernie fight was AWESOME. He just hammered WAHHHH! GREAT MEMORIES....
  5. In 02 they showed the game @ the Fox Theater too. That's were I watched it. It was way fun. Gotta get there by 5 though.
  6. I hope your kidding!
  7. lgw

    OMG! That is the FUNNIEST thing I have read..............EVER! I can't even get pissed about it.......LMFAO!
  8. BABCOCK!!!!
  9. LMFAO....................LOVE IT!
  10. I hope well done was how you ordered that bird.....AS YOU REQUESTED.....feathers and all....
  11. Its got to be Ozzie. Z has been great but Oz has been EXCEPTIONAL thru all 4 rounds. I just think its Ozzie's year!
  12. I tried to log onto the offcial websites for the Ducks, Chicago and now the Pens during each round and they are all blocking fans of the opposing teams from either signing on or creating new accounts. I can understand booting people who are breaking the rules , but to not even give people the chance to join.....UNBELIEVEABLE! Way to promote fan interaction NHL!
  13. Unfortunetly your not kidding....
  14. I hope your kidding....
  15. 4-0 Wings win! Pittsburgh is just not as good as the Wings. Not on paper and not on the ice. It's all hype!