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  1. I think it will be difficult getting a puck without a child there to get it for you. Get there at the beginning of warmup to increase your chances. Save yourself some money by not eating at Hockeytown. The food it terrible.
  2. This topic is boring. I myself am a goalie and nothing pisses me off more than watching lazy defenseman and forwards watch perimeter passing and leave a man unattended at the side of the net opposite the man with the puck. Ozzy was where he should have been all night. Helm and Kronwall just admired Minnesota's passing too much. Pay attention! Howard let in 5 goals the nite before. Once an Ozzy hater always an Ozzy hater is what I say. Give the guy a break. Start blaming the coaches and the other guys that are thinking too much about the Olympics.
  3. Wings select Tomas Tatar at 60th overall

    He has Ovechkinesque celebration skills...
  4. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    Painted the rock on campus at Michigan State today after drop-in was cancelled. GO WINGS!!!
  5. Thanks let me try it. After drop-in had been cancelled today, a friend and I decided to paint the MSU rock. Check it out (if I posted it right). Go Wings!
  6. How do I post an image from my computer? I am a noob regarding this. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  7. Win This One For....

    Win this for Dr. Rahmani.
  8. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    Go Wings! Back to back.
  9. Comedy: Turco calls MAF to offer advice on beating Wings

    This is fun fiction. Give it a read.
  10. Bill Guerin

    I wish I could find it on YouTube, but I cannot. I recall watching Guerin, while in Dallas, start a fight with a guy by thrusting his fingers of each hand into the eyes of his opponent to get the advantage in a fight. The guy never had a chance. So before you say he isn't a dirty player, think again.
  11. Pens Boards, (merged)

    Skating in the path of others is part of defense. Interference is something else. You can't expect the defense to clear a lane for a breakaway to the net. If this is what you expect, then hockey is not the sport for you. Go back to bandwagoning on the Steelers boards. Hockey does not need fans like you. Thank you Bettman for recruiting BewareThePenguin to the audience.
  12. The offical good Karma thread

    Thank you, Malkin, for being such a great asset to my fantasy team. That is all.
  13. What Should Babcock Do With Hossa?

    Guy sets up 2 goals...why does Babs need to do anything with Hossa?
  14. Kronwall Hit

    I am shocked about what happened last night. After reviewing the hit for some time today, I can honestly say that the play maybe warranted a 2 minute interference call. MAYBE. 5 minutes and a game misconduct? The officials handed that game to Chicago and it makes me sick. It is my opinion that the only call on that play should have been a 5 minute major to Havlat for being stupid. These guys play hockey from the time they can walk into their 30s or 40s. How has Havlat lasted this long? See a defenseman then look down? What do you expect? Shame on Havlat. Shame on the officials. I would say shame on Chicago fans, but who can fault them for being excited that their team won? Chicago fans should be embarassed about last nights win. As a Wings fan, all I am asking for is a fair shake from the refs.
  15. Chicago Class

    Classless. Sounds like this guy needs free tickets since he can afford season tix at UC. Shame on him for feeling that it is wrong for an auto worker, laid off or otherwise, to find a diamond in the rough by going to the Joe. I hope Detroit teaches Chicago something thru all of this.