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  1. Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    First off, not surprising most of these posts has us trembling in fear of a "hot goalie". Does anyone need a reminder he is a rookie? He will most definitely not be standing on his head the first couple of ROAD playoff games. I say the Wings take it to them at home, they might squeak one out at their place, but it will be too late and Wings in 5. Nash always kills us yes, so we must concentrate on the pieces AROUND him IMO. Peca, Huselius, Umberger, et al. They are going to be quite dangerous if we focus all of our attention on Mr. Nash. I'm not saying this series won't be tough, but come on people... of ALL the teams to be able to crank it up a notch when they want to, isn't it us? P.S. For all the Lilja bashers out there, is there a soul on this site that doesn't wish fervently that he returns, and FAST! Hello: shot blocking, PK...
  2. February Desktop Wallpaper NOW AVAILABLE!

    Phew.. I was nervous I wasn't going to get my usual backgroud! Looks like we have a couple nice Eastern Conference battles on Saturdays! Schweeeet.
  3. 12/4 GDT: Red Wings 4, Canadiens 1

    OH boy I'm excited about this game! I think it's going to be tough due to the Habs recent poor play, and Carbonneau's hard-assed approach in practice these last few days. BUT, that being said, they have nowhere near the skill-level as the Wings, and Hasek is determined to win back at least an every other day job!! Think of it folks, if he gets back on track - -is there a better tandem in the league? Didn't think so.
  4. 11/29 GDT: Red Wings 4, Lightning 2

    Hard to believe really, that the Bolts are a couple games UNDER .500 with the lineups they roll out. Whatever, I'm just relieved to NOT be playing the Central, as I'm sure everyone else is. The game I really can't wait for is next Tuesday's tilt in Montreal. But, back to the game at hand.. Meech @ center? I predict a fat 3 minutes for him. Not sure if Tampa's PP is any good, but hell.. our PK has been atrocious with the odd-man rushes the OTHER way. If we stay out of the box we win, take a lot of penalties, outcome will be different. Datsyuk will be quiet, after his relative explosion the other night, but that allows the HORRENDOUS puck-handling Samuelsson a chance.. I think Sammy scores one, and maybe Franzen tonight, ... in a 5-1 blowout like they got last night in the Windy City.
  5. Official Bring Back Markov Thread

    ROFLMAO!!!! Favorite response in a LONG while. No s***.. unfortunately I don't have the scratch for NHL-Center-Ice, so living here CBC shows a TON of Toronto games. Their defense is horrendous. Hal Gill? Worse pylon than Lilja ever was. Toskala and Raycroft both hung out to dry since the opening game of the season. P.S. Not SO sure Chelios>Beauchemin though...
  6. 10/15 GDT: Anaheim Ducks 6, Red Wings 3

    That Boogard dude is amazing, I think I just read he's 6'7", 268??? WTF?? Tuzzi ain't a small dude, and Boogard just flattened him immediately. Too bad the $4M man got a concussion, I'm sure it's a pretty severe one. I think it will be a blow-out, not sure which way - - -but naturally I'm hoping it's the Wings coming out on top. San Jose ain't no joke day after tomorrow either. If we can manage to clear the crease, Dom will be just fine. Is it just me, or is anyone else completely underwhelmed by Kronwall again. For every nifty pass he seems to make a lousy one, and his size is certainly a disadvantage re: what I mentioned above, clearing the crease. Everyone knows if Dom makes a stop, and can't find the rebound, out comes the snow-angel-of-death. Getzlaf gives us fits, but somehow.. without 48-goal man Selanne, this just isn't the same team. Of course Niedermeyer is a stud too.. and their D isn't quite up to our level either. They might scrap out a win, but clearly on paper this year, advantage Red Wings. Can't stand reading the pundits--they're still saying the Ducks are the "class of the west", and they'll likely get over their troubles and take the conference. If Selanne and Niedermeyer don't return soon, they might be too far off the pace to even make the playoffs. *Edit: Just read that Pahlsson is back - what a good player - -that'll help them immensely.
  7. 10/10 GDT: Red Wings 4, Calgary Flames 2

    Nice to see a Ducks fan still perusing our awesome site! Cheers! I think the Flames will GOON it up big-time in the first period, take too many penalties, and Datsyuk scores on one of the 3 powerplays in the first. After that, who knows. Ozzie is damned good though.. let's have a score-fest though! I'd love to see a nice 6-4 win.
  8. Hasek may miss Wednesday's game

    I always get nervous, end up laughing a bit when the Flop-Inator comes out. Did save us in the shootout vs. the Ducks though... Couldn't help remembering the several times last playoffs though... he was down/out, and the Ducks merely chipped it over him. Oh well, that was without Kronwall/Schneider helping clear rebounds away. Different story this year I believe.
  9. xGDT (9/20): Wild @ Red Wings

    Wa-hoo!!! The firm I work for only got ONE game per month this year, sad... but looks like I might be able to snag this evening's tilt. Pre-season doesn't really matter, but for me.. it's been TOO long since I've seen our boys on the ice. 13th row, center ice doensn't hurt either! GO WINGS!!!
  10. RBK Wings

    anyone try one on? I really dislike tight fitting sweaters.
  11. Holy Crap.......Preseason hockey is HERE!

    LOL, I can't believe there are people reading the recap of the first preseason game, and that the thread is two pages long.. ..wait a tick, ... YES, I CAN believe!! Talk about hockey fanatics. I dunno if the game last night was televised, I highly doubt it. I made a half-ass Miller-sodden mental note to try and look for it, but I was deep into ..oh, my 10th NHL08 game of the night by then!!!
  12. The rest of the new jersey's shown in NHL 08

    Thanks! I'll try it out later on tonight! P.S. I'm sure there is a thread for this somewhere else, but EA has finally taken over for best hockey game. What they did to 2K's controls is a nightmare
  13. Bob Lang ready to be captain?

    Fairly clutch late in Game 4 vs. the Sharks.
  14. Devils sign Arron Asham

    Man, talk about living in the past. I highly suggest you get NHL Center Ice then, and tune in for every Ducks game, will that make you happy? Jayzus, what a caveman. Wings haven't been about fighting for some time. Accept the team Holland assembles, and be happy they are a perennial contender. f***.
  15. Rumor: Ducks won't match offer for Penner

    Great post, until this line.. As I was reading earlier on cbs.sportsline.. the Wings were the only team to give the Ducks a challenge, and likely would have eliminated them if not for a flukey OT turnover. I know, I know... things happen for a reason or whatever, but... to me.. THE WESTERN CONFERENCE GOES THROUGH DETROIT