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  1. Friday's Blue Jackets-Red Wings Preview

  2. Hockey Card Help Please

    You're right, the card sesaon for the beckett would be 02-03, but it says $300. I got my beckett in Borders, a huge retail book store, and it had pretty much every company that made hockey card since the beginning, and they listed like 4x more of the cards then the smaller beckett does. I can't find it right now though, because my family and I are in the process of moving, but when I do, I'll let you know the name of the huge beckett book that I have.
  3. Hockey Card Help Please

    I know for Zetterberg's rookie card for 01-02 rookie card for Private Stock was listed, and it said that it was worth $300. I haven't looked at a Beckett since then due to college, and I need to get on that again, but that's how much it was worth the year before, so meaning it shouldn't be to much lower for your card.
  4. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    I hope not. I would like to see Cross stay here in Detroit if he starts to play really good. I'm kinda bored with trading for players at the trade deadline, and then letting them walk away to another team. Some of them weren't a bad choice to let them go, but some were. The only problem with my thought on Cross is that he is kinda old.
  5. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    Yeah, after watching last nights game, the acquisition of Cory Cross was a good one. I do also agree that being with a team that's a contender for the cup will really help his get his game back.
  6. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    I read in my local newspaper that Cross is downed on by people though because of the lack of how much he uses his body as a big player. I only hope that Bobcock and the coaching staff can encourage him to use his body.
  7. Tyson Nash a Wing?

    Wouldn't be a bad thing if he was here, but I don't think that our team needs to do any trading this year, and therefore to answer Heaton's question, 1 for a bad thing if this is really in the works.
  8. al montoya

    I believe for this season that we're set for goalies, and we pretty much are. Eklunds site to me has only proved bulls**t for the brief 5 months that I've looked at it.
  9. Chelios to the Canadiens?

    It won't happen. He's here to stay for the rest of the year, especially after the great work he's done for us all year on the penalty kill. Sources like that also need to tell why and how they got that idea.
  10. Former 'next one' waived

    None the less, he's a great player, and if he's picked up, it's probably going to be by a team that's not far back from making the playoffs.
  11. Former 'next one' waived

    Yeah, that sucks that he's gone, but it happens. I posted the guy who took his spot on the team in General Discussion, and this forum should probably be moved there.
  12. Luongo

    Totally pass. No need for Luongo here.
  13. ducks behaving as if trading giguere

    I'm not reading into it, and I could really care less what the other teams do with their players. I was just saying that his statement was being talking about in General Discussion.
  14. ducks behaving as if trading giguere

    StaticWithABeat just started that question in the forum that I posted about the trade in the Genearl Discussion forum.
  15. calgary trade proposal

    Agreed Heaton. Making that kind of trade could come back and bite us in the ass. I think that team is fine. If Holland makes a move, it's for the best. I trust Holland every year to get us to the Finals.